Santo Domingo River (Oaxaca)

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Santo Domingo River
Map of the Papaloapan River drainage basin before construction of the Cerro de Oro Dam, showing the Santo Domingo River (center)
Country Mexico
Physical characteristics
 - location Northeast Oaxaca, in Tuxtepec

The Santo Domingo River in Oaxaca state, Mexico is one of the main tributaries of the Papaloapan River, rising in the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca and flowing east towards San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, above which it joins with the Valle Nacional River to form the Papaloapan. Carrying sediment from the mountains, it was a major cause of flooding in the coastal plain of Veracruz by reducing the capacity of the Papaloapan to drain the plains.[1] To alleviate these problems, the Cerro de Oro Dam was constructed on the river just above the junction with the Valle Nacional, completed in 1989. The dam extended the reservoir formed by the Miguel Alemán Dam, located on the Tonto River.[2]


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