Sangirese people

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Sangirese people
Sangir / Sangihe
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Een man van Sangir in koffo kleding TMnr 10005696.jpg
A Sangir man in koffo attire, 1929.
Total population
(approx. 600,000 people)
Regions with significant populations
North Sulawesi: 449,805
Gorontalo: 7,489
Mindanao: 8,000 - 108,000[2]
Related ethnic groups

Sangirese or Sangihe people are one of the native people to the Sangir Islands in the northern chain of islands in Sulawesi and the southern part of Mindanao. Their native language is Sangirese language, while Sasahara language is a secret language spoken among Sangirese sailors or pirates.[3] The Sangirese people are fishermen and nutmeg growers in their home areas and also work as wage labourers in industrial crops enterprises in Bolaang Mongondow Regency and Minahasa Regency.[4]

The Sangirese have traditionally been concentrated in the province of North Sulawesi in Indonesia and the Region of Dávao in the Philippines.[5]

Notable people


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