Salvadoran legislative election, 1991

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Legislative elections were held in El Salvador on 10 March 1991.[1] The result was a victory for the Nationalist Republican Alliance, which won 39 of the 84 seats. Voter turnout was 44.7%.[2]


Party Votes % Seats +/-
Nationalist Republican Alliance 466,091 44.3 39 +8
Christian Democratic Party 294,029 28.0 26 +4
Democratic Convergence 127,855 12.2 8 New
Party of National Conciliation 94,531 9.0 9 +2
Authentic Democratic Christian Movement 33,971 3.2 1 New
Nationalist Democratic Union 28,206 2.7 1 New
Democratic Action 6,798 0.7 0 -1
Invalid/blank votes 101,532 - - -
Total 1,153,013 100 84 +24
Source: Nohlen


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