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Nordhordalandsbroen i tåke.jpg
View of the Nordhordland Bridge crossing the Salhusfjorden
Salhusfjorden is located in Hordaland
Location in Hordaland county
Location Hordaland county, Norway
Coordinates 60°30′37″N 5°15′20″E / 60.5104°N 5.2556°E / 60.5104; 5.2556Coordinates: 60°30′37″N 5°15′20″E / 60.5104°N 5.2556°E / 60.5104; 5.2556
Primary inflows Osterfjorden, Sørfjorden
Primary outflows Byfjorden
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 4 kilometres (2.5 mi)
Max. depth 500 metres (1,600 ft)

Salhusfjorden is a 4-kilometer (2.5 mi) long fjord and sound between the municipalities of Bergen and Meland in Hordaland county, Norway. To the west, it starts between Salhus and Frekhaug, where the Byfjorden meets the Herdlefjorden. To the east, the fjord ends between Knarvik and Hordvikneset, where the Osterfjorden runs northeast, the Sørfjorden runs southeast, and the Radfjorden runs north. The fjord is up to 500 meters (1,600 ft) deep. It acts as one of the borders between the districts of Midhordland to the south and Nordhordland to the north. The islands of Holsnøy and Flatøy lie along the northern side of the fjord.

Salhusfjorden is crossed by the Nordhordland Bridge, a 1,614-meter (5,295 ft) combined pontoon and cable stayed bridge. Because of the depth, the bridge lacks lateral anchorage. The bridge, which carries European Route E39, was opened on 22 September 1994. It is the second-longest bridge in Norway.[1]

The fjord takes its name from the village area of Salhus, which during the Viking Age in the early 12th century there was an inn (known at the time as a sáluhus), which would give name to the place. It acted as a transport hub for Nordhordland, and was a small market town. It was one of the first industrialized places when a hosiery manufacturer was established here in 1859.[2]

Previously, there were two ferry crossings of the Salhusfjorden. Starting on 7 July 1936, a ferry service ran between the villages of Isdalstø and Steinestø. In 1956, the ferry on the Nordhordland side moved to Knarvik, and it was the most trafficked ferry service in the country before the bridge opened in 1994. At first operated by Fergetrafikk, from 1967 it was run by Bergen Nordhordland Rutelag.[3] Until 1984, there was also a ferry crossing between Salhus and Frekhaug, operated by the same company.[4]


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