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Sakhu sai mu (Thai: สาคูไส้หมู, pronounced [sǎː.kʰūː sâj mǔː], "tapioca balls with pork filling") is a Thai snack. Although it is traditionally made with sago starch (hence the name sakhu, which is Thai for sago), today tapioca is more commonly used as a substitute. It is a popular food in Thailand and found at street stalls and markets. sakhu sai mu is a dumpling which consists of a flour ball with a pork filling. Most people in Thailand eat sakhu sai mu with khao kriap pak mo. The difference between sakhu sai mu and khao kriap pak mo is that sakhu sai mu is covered with flour batter like a dumping while khao kriap pak mo is wrapped with flour batter. They have the same filling.

The ingredients of sakhu sai mu are tapioca flour, cilantro, finely chopped onion, lean pork finely chopped, brown sugar, Thai fish sauce, finely chopped fresh hot chilies and roasted peanuts.

First cool the filling during cooking, onion and chillies are mixed together and set aside for a few minutes. Next, cilantro, roasted peanuts and finely chopped lean pork are mixed with chillies and onion.When the mix is cool, put brown sugar and mix it again until the ingredients are blended.When you finish making the filling, wait until the filling is cool. Topioca flour is made by mixing hot water and tapioca flour and making balls. Last,the pork filling wrapped in the tapioca flour mix and then it is steamed for around 2–3 minutes.

sakhu sai mu are very sweet so most people don’t eat sakhu sai mu only but will eat it with vegetable. In Thailand, lettuce and paprika are popular because it help decrease sweetness of sakhu sai mu and add spicy flavor. Therefore, sakhu sai mu will be always served with lettuce and paprika.

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