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This article is not about St. Aimé, who is also called Saint Amatus and has the same memorial day

Saint Amatus, also called Saint Ame, was a Colombanian monk.

Saint Amatus was a Colombanian abbot and hermit. He was born to a noble family in Grenoble, France, and was put in the Maurice Abbey as a child. After becoming a Colombanian monk, he became a hermit.


He went to Luxeuil in 614. In Luxeuil he converted a former Count Palatine from the court of King Theodebert II, the Frankish noble St. Romaric. St. Romaric founded with Amatus a dual monastery for men and women at Remiremont Abbey. This was on land that had been in St. Romaric's possession since his days as a count palatine. St. Amatus was its first abbot.

Amatus died in 627. Amatus has created variations of the name 'Aimee'.

He was canonized on 3 December 1049 by Pope Leo IX and his memorial day is 13 September.

See also

  • Saint Aimé, the abbot of the Agaune monastery in Switzerland and bishop of the Sens (or Sion) diocese.
  • Saint-Amé, a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine in northeastern France.


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