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Sa'd is an idol, worshipped as a god of fortune in pre-Islamic Arabia, by the Banu Kinanah tribe.


His idol was a tall stone and was situated in the desert.

According to Ibn Ishaq, a man once visited this idol with his many camels for blessings.[1][2] Upon reaching the idol, which was blood-stained by the animal offerings of the time, the camels ran away. Angered, the man threw a stone at the idol, hoping that Allah will not bless the idol, and set out to find them. After all camels are gathered, he declared:

We came to Sa`d so he may unite us together,

But Sa`d disunited us, so we have nothing to do with Sa`d.

Is Sa`d anything but a stone in a plain of land

That calls for neither misguidance nor guidance?


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