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Developer NEC
OS family Unix System V
Working state Current
Latest release R21.1 [1] [2] / March 2014; 4 years ago (2014-03)
Marketing target Supercomputing
Platforms NEC SX supercomputers
License Proprietary
Official website

SUPER-UX is the version of the Unix operating system that is used on NEC SX architecture supercomputers.[3]


The initial version of SUPER-UX was based on UNIX System V version 3.1 with features from BSD 4.3.[4][5][6] The version for the NEC SX-9 was based on SVR4.2MP with BSD enhancements.[7]


SUPER-UX is a 64-bit UNIX operating system.[4] It supports the Supercomputer File System (SFS).[4]

Earth Simulator

The Earth Simulator uses a custom OS called "ESOS" (Earth Simulator Operating System) based on SUPER-UX.[8][9][10] It has many enhanced features custom designed for the Earth Simulator which are not in the regular SUPER-UX OS.[8]


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