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S-25 on display

The S-25 is a Russian air-to-ground rocket launched from aircraft. It is launched from the O-25 pod which can hold one rocket.


  • S-25-OF with high explosive-fragmentation warhead
  • S-25-O with fragmentation warhead and radio proximity fuze
  • S-25-OFM for use against hardened targets
  • S-25L (LD) laser-guided variant


Type Unguided/Guided aircraft rocket
Developed Russia
Launch weight 480 kg
Length 3.31 m
Body diameter 340 mm
Warhead 190 kg TNT equivalent
Speed 700 m/s
Range 3 km
Launch platform Su-25, Su-25T, Su-25TM, Su-27, Su-34, Su-35


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