Rowlandton Mound Site

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Rowlandton Mound Site
Rowlandtown Mound with pit dug by archaeologists HRoe 2003 01.jpg
Rowlandtown Mound with pit dug by archaeologists
Rowlandton Mound Site is located in Kentucky
Rowlandton Mound Site
Location within Kentucky today
Location Paducah, KentuckyMcCracken County, Kentucky USA
Region McCracken County, Kentucky
Coordinates 37°5′42.07″N 88°38′11.29″W / 37.0950194°N 88.6364694°W / 37.0950194; -88.6364694
Founded 1100 CE
Abandoned 1350
Cultures Mississippian culture
Site notes
Excavation dates 2006
Archaeologists Dr. Kit Wesler
Architectural styles Platform mound
Responsible body: private

The Rowlandton Mound Site (15MCN3) is a Mississippian culture archaeological site located in Paducah in McCracken County, Kentucky, on the edge of an old oxbow lake a little south of the Ohio River.

The site was occupied from about 1100 to about 1350 CE. The 3-hectare site has a large platform mound and an associated village area,[1] being roughly similar in size to the Wickliffe Mounds Site in far western Kentucky.[2]

It was once thought that large civic sites in Western Kentucky such as Rowlandton Mound, the Twin Mounds Site and the Tolu Site were expansions of the Kincaid Mounds polity in nearby Southern Illinois in the 13th century, but archaeological excavations in 2006 by Dr. Kit Wesler of Murray State University have shown that this was not the case. It is probable that these civic sites were established originally by local Late Woodland peoples.[2]

Mississippian sites on the Lower Ohio River


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