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Rosewood, Pennsylvania
Pretty Little Liars location
Created by Sara Shepard
Type Fictional city
Population 7989
First appearance Novel:
Pretty Little Liars
"The First Secret"
Last appearance Novel:
"Till Death Do Us Part"

Rosewood is the fictional setting for both the Pretty Little Liars book series and the Pretty Little Liars television series. The fictional city is suggested to be loosely based on West Chester, Pennsylvania.[1]


In print

Rosewood was founded by William W. Rosewood.[2] As a Main Line town, it has a long history of prestige associated with the railroad industry of the 1800s.[1] Majority of the residents are in the upper class and many families,[3] such as the Hastings, have had significant wealth dating back to the 1800s. The town consists of farms, cornfields, and pastures, and barns converted into apartments and other types of buildings. Many of the mansions were converted from large farms.

Several homes of the characters are near forested areas. Emily's backyard is bordered by the woods, Spencer and Alison's neighborhood is surrounded by a small forest, and the Kahn's vast property is also bordered by a forest. However, the protagonists appear to live in very different sections of the suburb. Though it is strongly leaning towards the rural end, Rosewood appears to be a fairly large town. The town also has a shopping center called King James Mall.

On screen

Rosewood is in Pennsylvania, about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, and the two cities Brookhaven and Ravenswood are also not far from Rosewood. East of Rosewood is Darkette County, where the Radley Sanitarium is located. The city has its own printed newspaper, The Rosewood Observer.[4][5][6] The Apple Rose Grille restaurant is a redesigned set of Luke's Diner, a location of the WB series Gilmore Girls.[7] The current population is of 7,989 inhabitants.[citation needed]

Most scenes in the television series are shot in the exteriors in the Warner Bros. studio's backlot in Burbank, while the interior scenes are filmed separately on nearby soundstages.[8]



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