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Romanian Braille
Romanian Braille chart.jpg
Languages Romanian
Parent systems
  • Romanian Braille
Print basis
Romanian alphabet

Romanian Braille is the braille alphabet of the Romanian language. It has the 25 letters of basic French Braille (no w) plus the following additional letters:

⠡ (braille pattern dots-16)
⠩ (braille pattern dots-146)
⠱ (braille pattern dots-156)
⠪ (braille pattern dots-246)
⠣ (braille pattern dots-126)

Much of the punctuation and formatting (caps, italics) is like old French Braille:

[period],  ?, (...), “...”, *,

as seen in the chart at right. In addition, the dash and ellipsis are both

—, ...,

values which were also reported by Unesco (1990) but could not be confirmed by Unesco (2013).

Unesco (1990) reports inner quotation marks ‘...’, while the chart at right appears to show a highly unusual double point, , for the apostrophe. Other sources, however, have the normal single point, .[1]


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