Romanian Border Police

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Romanian Border Police
Poliţia de Frontieră Romană
COA-Politia De Frontiera-Final.svg
Romanian Border Police racing stripe.svg
Racing stripe
Abbreviation PF
Motherland and Honour
Agency overview
Formed 1999
Jurisdictional structure
National agency ROU
Operations jurisdiction ROU
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Bucharest

Sworn members Yes
Agency executive
  • Chestor principal de poliţie Buda Ioan, Inspector-general
Parent agency Ministry of Internal Affairs
Unmarked cars ?
Boats ?
Planes ?
Dogs ?
(in Romanian) Poliţia de Frontieră

The Romanian Border Police (Romanian: Poliţia de Frontieră) is the structure of the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior responsible for the border security and passport control at border crossing points, airports and ports.[1]


The Border Police uses the same ranking system as the Romanian Police, with different colors. (see Romanian Police)

Before 2002, the Border Police had military status and a military ranking system, within the Ministry of Administration and Interior (see Romanian Armed Forces ranks and insignia). In June 2002 it became a civilian police force, together with the National Police (the first police service in Eastern Europe to do so) and its personnel was structured into two corps:

  • Corpul ofiţerilor de poliţie (Police Officers Corps) - corresponding to the commissioned ranks of a military force, to the ranks of Inspector, Superintendent and Commissioner in a British-style police force or to the both Corps de conception et de direction and Corps de commande et d'encadrement in the French National Police (Police Nationale).
Rank Shoulder insignia Translated as Military rank equivalent French police rank equivalent British Metropolitan Police rank equivalent
Chestor-general de poliţie EpoletChestorGeneralPF.png Police Quaestor-General General Directeur des services actifs Commissioner
Chestor-şef de poliţie EpoletChestorSefPF.png Police Chief-Quaestor Lieutenant General Inspecteur général Assistant Commissioner
Chestor principal de poliţie EpoletChestorPrincipalPF.png Police Principal Quaestor Major General Contrôleur général Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Chestor de poliţie EpoletChestorPF.png Police Quaestor Brigadier General Contrôleur général Commander
Comisar-şef de poliţie Police Chief-Commissioner Colonel Commissaire divisionnaire Chief Superintendent
Comisar de poliţie Police Commissioner Lieutenant Colonel Commissaire de police Superintendent Grade I
Subcomisar de poliţie Police Sub-Commissioner Major Commandant Superintendent
Inspector principal de poliţie Police Principal Inspector Captain Capitaine Chief Inspector
Inspector de poliţie Police Inspector Lieutenant Lieutenant Inspector
Subinspector de poliţie Police Sub-Inspector Second Lieutenant Lieutenant intern Temporary/Probationary Inspector
  • Corpul agenţilor de poliţie (Police Agents Corps) - corresponding to the non-commissioned ranks of a military force, to the Corps de maîtrise et d'application in the French National Police or to the ranks of Constable or Sergeant in a British-style police force.
Rank Shoulder insignia Translated as Military rank equivalent French police rank equivalent British Metropolitan Police rank equivalent
Agent-şef principal de poliţie Police Principal Chief Agent Sergeant Major Brigadier-major Station Sergeant
Agent-şef de poliţie Police Chief Agent Master Sergeant Brigadier-chef Station Sergeant
Agent-şef adjunct de poliţie Police Deputy Chief Agent Sergeant First Class Brigadier Sergeant
Agent principal de poliţie Police Principal Agent Staff Sergeant Gardien de la paix Acting Sergeant
Agent de poliţie Police Agent Sergeant Gardien de la paix stagiare Constable

Weapon and Equipment


Current fleet

  • SNR-17 class patrol boat:25 ton built by Istanbul Shipyard,Turkey,[2]
  • MAI 1105 Stefan Cel Mare Patrol Vessel:950 ton built by Damen Group,Netherlands.[3]

Historic ships

Romanian Border Police

Future prospects

Although the former Interior Minister Cristian David declared that the Border Police would be gradually integrated into the National Police until 2010[5] or 2011,[6] when Romania was expected to join the Schengen Area, the Border Police keeps its current status and remains the sole agency tasked with border security and passport control.

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