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Rolf Karl Heinz Grantsau (March 25, 1928 Kiel – June 25, 2015) was a German-Brazilian naturalist and illustrator.[1]


Grantsau was born in 1928 in Kiel, Germany. While graduating in biology, he was a student of Erwin Stresemann. The birds-of-paradise and the hummingbirds were the groups he most appreciated while in Germany, and he eventually came to Brazil in 1962 to study the later; he also worked with taxonomy of the birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, orchids, carnivorous plants, lichens and more, and as a taxidermist. He was also an illustrator, having illustrated his own work (including books) and of many other researchers.[1]

He was married to Ilse Grantsau, with whom he had two children, Marion Grantsau Engelbrecht, born in Germany, and Ingo Gratsau, born in Brazil.[1]

The following species and subspecies were described by him:

  • Augastes scutatus ilseae 1967
  • Phaethornis maranhaoensis 1968
  • Threnetes loehkeni 1969
  • Eupetonema macroura cyanoviridis 1988
  • Hylocharis cyanus griseiventris 1988
  • Phaethornis ochraceiventris camargoi(= Phaethornis margarettae) 1988
  • Phaethornis pretrei minor 1988
  • Amazona kawalli 1989 (with Hélio Camargo)
  • Charadrius wilsonia brasiliensis 2008 (with P.C. Lima)
  • Caprimulgus longirostris pedrolimai 2008

The species Drosera grantsaui (a carnivorous plant), Gnomidolon grantasaui (a beetle) and Formicivora grantsaui (a Thamnophilidae) were named after him.[1]


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