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The Rogers Road streetcar line was operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) from 1924 to 1974.

The Rogers Road route was opened on November 19, 1924.

The Rogers Road streetcar line began operating on November 19, 1924. Predominantly serving the Township of York, the Township contracted the City of Toronto's TTC to run the line on its behalf. The initial route ran north from St. Clair Avenue, along Oakwood Avenue and turned west at Rogers Road, continuing to Dufferin Street. It was extended on August 29, 1925 to Bicknell Loop, located just east of Weston Road on Bicknell Avenue. After the Yonge Subway opened, in 1954, streetcars were extended eastward from Oakwood to St. Clair Station during rush hour.[1][2][3][4][5]

By 1974 many of the TTC's large fleet of PCC streetcars had worn out.[6] The final Rogers Road streetcar travelled east to the St. Clair Carhouse on July 19, 1974. The route was replaced by the 63F Ossington trolley bus line beginning on July 21, 1974.[1][2]

According to Sean Marshall, closing the Rogers Road route was seen as a way to service other routes until the TTC could acquire new replacement vehicles. Transit advocate Steve Munro, however, has said that in 1974, while the TTC operated the service on the route, the infrastructure was the property of the Township of York – who had not been spending enough money to keep the rails in repair.[7]


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