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Rodney Eric Bainbridge Atkinson (born 1948) is an English eurosceptic conservative academic, political and economic commentator, journalist, author and businessman. He is the eldest brother of comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson.


Atkinson studied German at Newcastle University (BA Hons with distinction in spoken German) at Durham University, where he earned an MSc in Management Studies in 1978 as a member of Collingwood College.[1] He was formerly a lecturer at the University of Mainz from 1971 to 1977, and worked as a merchant banker in the City of London with Banque Paribas and Grindlays Bank and has been an occasional adviser to government ministers since 1981.[citation needed]

He runs his own commercial property business based in the North East of England.

He founded The Campaign for United Kingdom Conservatism in 1994 and co-founded with Lynn Riley, the cross-party South Molton Declaration in 1999 (re-launched as the British Declaration of Independence for the 2005 general election). He founded the Freenations ( website in 1997. He was Referendum Party candidate in North West Durham in the 1997 general election (5.2%) and the lead UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for the North East Region in the 1999 European Elections (8.8%).

In 2000, he lost the UKIP leadership election, by 16 votes, to Jeffrey Titford MEP. Atkinson left UKIP shortly afterwards, along with 200 supporters, accusing then Party Chairman Nigel Farage MEP and eurosceptic journalist Christopher Booker of conducting a "dirty tricks" campaign against him. He also accused the party of being "infiltrated by extremists".[2]

With Norris McWhirter, he laid misprision of treason charges against Francis Maude and Douglas Hurd for signing the Maastricht Treaty.[3] The case was eventually quashed by the Attorney General, Nicholas Lyell, while the House of Lords was in recess, sitting in his own Judgement (as the government's lawyer) and saying there was no case to answer.[citation needed] Atkinson subsequently co-authored the book Treason at Maastricht - the destruction of the Nation State, with Norris McWhirter.

Other work includes the books: "Government against the People" 1985, "The Emancipated Society" 1988, "The Failure of the State" 1989, "Your country Your Democracy - the Threat from the European Union" 1990, "Europe's Full Circle" 1997, "Fascist Europe Rising" 2001 and "And into the Fire - fascist elements in post war Europe and the Development of the European Union" 2013.


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Recordings on CD:


  • The Euro—What it really means
  • 15 Lies from the European Movement
  • EU Propaganda in British Schools
  • British Eurofederalists
  • Yugoslavia and its enemies


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