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Ritu poster.jpg
Seasons change. Do we?
Directed by Shyamaprasad
Produced by Vachan Shetty
Written by Joshua Newtonn
Starring Asif Ali
Rima Kallingal
Jaya Menon
Vinay Forrt
Music by Rahul Raj
Cinematography Shamdat
Edited by Vinod Sukumaran
Distributed by Playhouse Release
Release date
  • 14 August 2009 (2009-08-14)
Running time
120 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Ritu (English: Seasons) is a 2009 Malayalam film, now widely acclaimed as the 'coming of age' of Malayalam cinema,[1] directed by Shyamaprasad, whose previous film Ore Kadal was highly acclaimed.[2] The original screenplay was written by Joshua Newtonn. This is the first time Shyamaprasad made a film based on an original screenplay, all of his previous films were adaptations of published novels or plays.


Ritu is about three youngsters growing up together and betraying each other. The story follows the lives of three childhood friends: Sunny Immatty (Asif Ali), Sarath Varma (Nishan K. P. Nanaiah), Varsha John (Rima Kallingal). The trio were almost inseparable as friends; they grew up in the same neighborhood in their love, bonding and innocence. They shared a dream of journeying together in life forever.

Sarath leaves for the United States to help his brother-in-law with his business. He also aspires to write a book some day. But still he clings on to the memories of the good old days with his friends and wishes to reunite and work with them again. So, after three years, he comes back to India and starts a small company with Varsha and Sunny to initiate an ambitious new project. But he soon finds out that their strong bond of friendship has almost vanished: Varsha and Sunny's lifestyles and mindsets have changed over the years. Varsha flirts with men over the phone while, Sunny is interested in only earning money by hook or crook. Whether their friendship will return or deteriorate even more forms the crux of the story.

In life, a time arrives when you face the ultimate question: Who are you? The three friends finally arrive at that moment when the question stares at them. Did the truth that they found help them??



Soundtrack album by
Released 15 July 2009
Recorded Sound Of Music, Chennai, India
Genre Soundtrack
Length 34 Minutes
Label Satyam Audios
Producer Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj chronology
Crazy Gopalan

The original score and songs were composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Rahul Raj. Rahul Raj won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Background Music for his work.

Song title Singers Length Description
"Venal Kattil" Rahul Raj 4:47 A nostalgic song picturised on the lead trio.
"Pularumo" Suchith Suresan, Gayatri Asokan 5:53 A romantic duet ballad picturised on the lead pair.
"Love Kills" Smitha Nishant 4:30 An electropop song with English lyrics, picturised in a pub.
"Ku Ku Ku Theevandi" Jeetu 4:03 A party solo song with a lot of acoustic guitar.
"Chanchalam/Cindrella" Neha Nair, Job 4:55

Release and reception

Four years after the release of the movie, and an avalanche of new-gen films, critics have begun to acclaim Ritu as the pioneer of 'new wave' in Malayalam cinema. Upon the release, Ritu received generally positive reviews but mild response in theatres. Nowrunning.com sees Ritu as a sensitive, melancholic portrayal of tumultuous emotions that ravage three young minds basking on the pinnacle of success. "It is an engrossing, intricate slice-of-life that deftly captures the nuances of growing up together and finally growing apart." Rediff and Indiaglitz reviewers termed it as a worthwhile experiment and said that it represents the changing face of Malayalam cinema.

The acting skills of the three lead actors have been applauded: the newcomers did their part quite convincingly. Indiaglitz review said "It's high time for Mollywood film goers to change and settle down from the regular potboilers and applaud films like Ritu which has its heart exactly at the right place". Rediff said "Ritu is a worthwhile experiment by seasoned director Shyamaprasad with a predominantly new team".

The Telugu version of Ritu, titled New, was released under two banners: Bhargava Pictures and Innostorm entertainment.


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