Riders in the Sky (1991 TV series)

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Riders in the Sky
Genre Western, children's, comedy
Based on Characters created by Riders in the Sky
Written by George McGrath
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Starring Riders in the Sky (band)
Narrated by George McGrath
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Chris Plourde, George McGrath, Alan Sacks
Production location(s) CBS Studio Center
Editor(s) Robert S. Douglas
Original network CBS
Original release September 14, 1991

Riders in the Sky is an American live-action/animated children's television series starring western/comedy band Riders in the Sky. It aired on CBS in 1991.



Riders in the Sky was originally pitched as a sitcom in which the Riders moved from a frontier town in the American west to Hollywood, California, with most of the humor of the series coming from the trio being "fish out of water". The idea was unappealing to television executives due to the premise sounding too similar to that of The Beverly Hillbillies, and the show was passed on. Later, producer Alan Sacks developed the idea of a children's show starring the Riders and pitched it to CBS executives, who after seeing the Riders perform, were immediately interested.

Writing and filming

CBS assigned George McGrath to write the series, although Sacks would later say, "that was a big mistake, we should have had the Riders writing."[1] The series began taping on July 17 and wrapped up on September 14 1991, the same day it premiered.

Episodes and airdates

1.) Saddle Pals (14 September 1991)

2.) Harmony Ranch (21 September 1991)

3.) Horsenapped (28 September 1991)

4.) Save the Buffalo (5 October 1991)

5.) Cook Out (12 October 1991)

6.) Sourdough's Surprise (19 October 1991)

7.) Muley's Revenge (26 October 1991)

8.) Trail Weevils (2 November 1991)

9.) Fool's Gold (9 November 1991)

10.) Bad Brothers (16 November 1991)

11.) Curse of the Mine (23 November 1991)

12.) The Contraption (30 November 1991)

13.) Mail Order Brides (7 December 1991)



  • Puppets by the Puppet Studio[2]
  • Producers - Chris Plourde, George McGrath, Alan Sacks
  • Costume Designers - Jacqueline Saint Anne, Roberta Samet
  • Camera Operator - Keeth Lawrence
  • Animatronic Puppeteer - Kirk Skodis
  • Sound Mixer- Laura King
  • Sound Effects Editor - Chris Trent


  • Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design - Won

Tie-in album

A few weeks before the series premiered, Riders in the Sky released Harmony Ranch, their second children's album and their first on the Columbia Records label. The album features characters from the show on the cover and takes its name from the Riders' home in the series.

Home video releases

The series has never been officially released on any home media, either physical or digital, due to rights issues. This was revealed while answering a question for the "Youth Wants To Know" article on the Riders in the Sky website, with "Ranger Doug" Green stating that "far too many people have a little piece of that series to make a video viable".[3]


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