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Rhogeessa aeneus.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Vespertilionidae
Subfamily: Vespertilioninae
Genus: Rhogeessa
H. Allen, 1866
Type species
Rhogeessa tumida
H. Allen, 1866

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Rhogeessa is a genus of bats within the vesper bats family, Vespertilionidae.[1]


Taxonomy debate

This genus is systematically complex and sometimes controversial. One reason that the genus is complex is because of the species' variable karyotypes:[2]

30 chromosomes 32 chromosomes 34 chromosomes 42 chromosomes 44 chromosomes 52 chromosomes
R. io[3] R. aeneus[4] R. tumida*[5] R. genowaysi[6][7] R. parvula[8][9] R. hussoni[3]
R. tumida*[10] - R. velilla[2] - R. tumida*[10]
R. gracilis[11] - - - - -
R. tumida*[10] - - - - -

*Note that R. tumida is listed four times, as individuals have been found with four different karyotypes. This may represent a species complex.[10][2]

Some have placed Allen's yellow bat into its own genus, Baeodon based on its differences with other members of the genus.[12] However, others argue that as Allen's yellow bat and the slender yellow bat are sister taxa, to exclude only one from Rhogeessa makes it a paraphyletic group. By that logic, either both species need to be included in Rhogeessa, or both need to be placed in Baeodon.[2] A 2008 paper recommended moving the slender yellow bat to the Baeodon genus.[2] Others say that Baeodon should be recognized as a subgenus of Rhogeessa instead of as a separate genus.[9][13]


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