Reign of the Gargoyles

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Reign of the Gargoyles
Genre Action
Written by Chase Parker
Directed by Ayton Davis
Starring Joe Penny
Wes Ramsey
Sean Mahon
Julia Rose
Billy Lush
John Ashton
Brad Beyer
Miroslav Emilov
Boris Pankin
Stoyan Mladenov
Johnathan Sparcino
Rushi Vidinliev
Yulian Vergov
Evgeni Gospodinov
Bryan O'Duffy
Lina Zlateva
Dejan Angelov
Vlado Mihailov
Ryan Spike Dauner
Theme music composer Michael Rubino
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Jeffery Beach
Phillip J. Roth
Cinematography Lorenzo Senatore
Editor(s) Matt Michael
Running time 88 minutes
Production company(s) Sci Fi Pictures
Concrete Productions
Unified Film Organization (UFO)
Distributor Syfy Original Movies
Original network Syfy
Original release March 24, 2007 (USA)

Reign of the Gargoyles is a television film released in the United States on March 24, 2007. It is set in Europe during World War II.


  • Joe Penny as Major John Gustafson
  • Wes Ramsey as Will 'Ace' McCallister
  • Billy Lush as Charles 'Chick' Gweitz
  • Julia Rose as Sofie
  • Brad Beyer as Captain Porter
  • Sean Mahon as Major James Deacon
  • John Ashton as Commander Latham
  • Miroslav Emilov as Nash
  • Boris Pankin as Lieutenant Eyepatch
  • Stoyan Mladenov as Mike 'Finn' Finnigan
  • Jonathan Sparacino as Sobczek
  • Rushi Vidinliev as Van Horn
  • Yulian Vergov as Colonel Schrieber
  • Evgeni Gospodinov as Lt. Mueller
  • Bryan O' Duffy as Col. Sears
  • Lina Zlateva as Anna
  • Dejan Angelov as B-51 Pilot
  • Vlado Mihailov as Karel
  • Ryan Spike Dauner as Adjutant
  • Raicho Vasilev as Brent (uncredited)


Sometime in World War II, German SS officers discover ancient ruins which contain stone gargoyles. They bring the gargoyles to life by using the blood so they can combat U.S. forces. Instead of complying, the gargoyles kill the Nazis and then attack local French villages. After an American bomber attack is devastated by the gargoyles, the US launches another bomber force in an attempt to destroy them. The crew of a bomber, the 'Grey Ghost' flown by Major John Gustafson (Joe Penny) is attacked by the gargoyles and crashes.

The crew parachute to safety before the bomber crashes, but are again attacked by gargoyles. Some are rescued by British soldiers, others by local villagers. The remaining crew all meet up again in a church the locals are sheltering in. A local woman fills them in on the legends behind the gargoyles.

She relates the story of a group of pagans that built a statue of their "horned king" deity out of a mysterious 'bloodstone'. It was then brought to life to take vengeance on their persecutors. It destroyed their enemies, but found it could bring other stone gargoyles to life itself. It built a gargoyle army and then turned on its creators and killed them all.

The gargoyles can be defeated by piercing the heart of the original gargoyle with the Spear of Destiny. It is discovered that the knight who defeated the gargoyles was buried with the spear. To overcome the gargoyles the flight crew must retrieve the spear.

The 'King Gargoyle' attacks, tearing a soldier in half. The church and village are then bombed by Junkers 88 German JU-88 bombers, which the gargoyles attacks. The American aircrew, the village woman and British soldiers leave to find the spear. The German army arrives looking for the aircrew and kill a villager to force the others to talk.

Two of the aircrew, Porter and Nash, are captured by the German army and left tied up in the open to distract the gargoyles.

The tomb is reached and the spear recovered. However, the Germans arrive just then and attack. Most of them are killed, but Gus (Joe Penny) is shot and killed by the last German Officer. The Officer is then shot, and the gargoyles arrive, but hold back in fear of the Spear.

Down to four, two British, Sofie and one airman discover their friends remains, then continue on to the ruins to kill the 'King' gargoyle. They enter the ruins and are again attacked by the gargoyles. They kill many and also retrieve many maps and other documents left by the Nazis. One of the fliers and a British soldier fly a German Heinkel 111 (He111) bomber up to confront the Gargoyles, while the remaining airman and the village woman on the ground are also attacked. The King gargoyle is rammed by the bomber and those aboard stab him with the Spear, returning him to stone. All the other gargoyles also turn back into stone, just in the nick of time to save the woman and airman below in the ruins.

Filming Location

The castle scenes were filmed at Belogradchik Fortress.

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