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Regions and Shaars of Kyrgyzstan
Регионы и независимые города Кыргызстана (Russian)
Osh Bishkek Batken Province Osh Province Jalal-Abad Province Naryn Province Talas Province Chuy Province Issyk Kul ProvinceA clickable map of Kyrgyzstan exhibiting its provinces.
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Category Unitary state
Location Kyrgyz Republic
Number 7 regions
2 independent cities
Populations (Regions): 247,200 (Talas) – 1,228,400 (Osh)
(Cities): 270,300 (Osh) - 937,400 (Bishkek)
Areas (Regions): 11,000 km2 (4,400 sq mi) (Talas) - 45,000 km2 (17,500 sq mi) (Naryn)
(Cities): 170.000 km2 (65.6374 sq mi) (Bishkek) - 183.000 km2 (70.6567 sq mi) (Osh)
Government Region government, National government
Subdivisions Raion
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Kyrgyzstan is divided into seven regions [1] (singular: област - oblast, plural: областтар - oblasttar). The capital, Bishkek, is administratively an independent city (shaar), as well as being the capital of Chuy Province. Osh also has shaar status.[citation needed]

The regions, with their areas, census populations and capitals, are as follows:

No. Name Kyrgyz Russian ISO Capital Area (km²) Population (1999) Population (2009) Population (2015 est.)[2]
1 Bishkek City Бишкек шаары
Bişkek şaarı
Город Бишкек
Gorod Bishkek
KG-GB Bishkek 170 787,700 865,100 937,400
2 Batken Region Баткен облусу
Batken oblusu
Баткенская область
Batkenskaya oblast′
KG-B Batken 17,048 380,200 380,300 480,700
3 Chuy Region Чүй облусу
Çüy oblusu
Чуйская область
Chuyskaya oblast′
KG-C Bishkek 19,895 772,200 790,500 870,300
4 Jalal-Abad Region Жалалабат облусу
Jalalabat oblusu
Джалал-Абадская область
Dzhalal-Abadskaya oblast′
KG-J Jalal-Abad 32,418 869,500 938,600 1,122,400
5 Naryn Region Нарын облусу
Narın oblusu
Нарынская область
Narynskaya oblast′
KG-N Naryn 44,160 248,700 245,300 264,900
6 Osh Region Ош облусу
Oş oblusu
Ошская область
Oshskaya oblast′
KG-O Osh 28,934 940,600 1,000,000 1,228,400
7 Talas Region Талас облусу
Talas oblusu
Таласская область
Talasskaya oblast′
KG-T Talas 13,406 200,300 219,600 247,200
8 Issyk Kul Region Ысык-Көл облусу
Isık-Köl oblusu
Иссык-Кульская область
Issyk-Kulskaya oblast′
KG-Y Karakol 43,735 415,500 425,100 463,900
9 Osh City Ош шаары
Oş şaarı
Город Ош
Gorod Osh
KG-GO Osh 183 236,000 243,200 270,300

Each region is further divided into districts (raion), administered by government-appointed officials. Rural communities (aiyl okmotus) consisting of up to twenty small settlements have their own elected mayors and councils.

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