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Ratan Singh II
Rana of Mewar
Mewar Kingdom
Reign 1528–1531
Predecessor Rana Sanga
Successor Vikramaditya Singh
Died 1531
Father Rana Sanga
Sisodia Rajputs of Mewar II
Hammir Singh (1326–1364)
Kshetra Singh (1364–1382)
Lakha Singh (1382–1421)
Mokal Singh (1421–1433)
Rana Kumbha (1433–1468)
Udai Singh I (1468–1473)
Rana Raimal (1473–1508)
Rana Sanga (1508–1527)
Ratan Singh II (1528–1531)
Vikramaditya Singh (1531–1536)
Vanvir Singh (1536–1540)
Udai Singh II (1540–1572)
Pratap Singh I (1572–1597)
Amar Singh I (1597–1620)
Karan Singh II (1620–1628)
Jagat Singh I (1628–1652)
Raj Singh I (1652–1680)
Jai Singh (1680–1698)
Amar Singh II (1698–1710)
Sangram Singh II (1710–1734)
Jagat Singh II (1734–1751)
Pratap Singh II (1751–1754)
Raj Singh II (1754–1762)
Ari Singh II (1762–1772)
Hamir Singh II (1772–1778)
Bhim Singh (1778–1828)
Jawan Singh (1828–1838)
Sardar Singh (1828–1842)
Swarup Singh (1842–1861)
Shambhu Singh (1861–1874)
Sajjan Singh (1874–1884)
Fateh Singh (1884–1930)
Bhupal Singh (1930—1955)

Rana Ratan Singh II[1] (? – 1531) was the Maharana (r. 1528 – 1531) of Mewar Kingdom. He was a son of Rana Sanga. He was killed during a war in 1531 and had no issue. He was succeeded by his surviving brother Vikramaditya Singh.[citation needed] His wives were Rani Guman Kanwar and Maharani Suja Bai of Bundi [2]


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Preceded by
Maharana Sangram Singh
Ruler of the Mewar Kingdom
1528 - 1531
Succeeded by
Vikramaditya Singh

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