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Monument to Gaudentius and St. Adalbert in Libice nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic

Radim Gaudentius (Czech: Svatý Radim, Polish: Radzim Gaudenty) (c. 970 – c. 1020) was Archbishop of Gniezno and the first Polish archbishop.[1]

Radim was an illegitimate son of Bohemian Prince Slavník, and thus the half-brother of Adalbert of Prague. In 989, the two journeyed to Rome where they joined the Benedictine monastery of Sts. Boniface and Alexius on the Aventine, with Radim adopting the name Gaudencius[2] or Gaudentius.[3] He accompanied Adalbert on his fatal journey to Prussia in 997.

Surviving the mission fatal to his half-brother, back in Rome he related the events of the journey to Abbot John Canaparius, who wrote a biography of Adalbert, and worked to promote his canonization.

Historians are not certain with regards to his date of death, suggesting a range of 1006 to 1022. His date of birth is also an estimate, in the range of late 960s to early 970s.

He is commemorated as Saint Radim in the Czech edition of the General Roman Calendar with an optional memorial on Oct. 12.


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