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For the fourth Generation Tanna sage with a similar name, see: R. Judah ben Ilai (his son). For 3rd- and 4th-century, and the third generation Amora sage, with a similar name, see: Rabbi Ilai II."

Rabbi Ilai (Hebrew: רבי אלעאי‎; sometimes referred to as Ilai the Elder;[1] others: Rabbi Ilai I,[2] or Alternative Hebrew spelling: רבי עילאי [2]) was a third Generation, and 2nd-century Jewish Tanna sage, father of the well-known Tanna sage, Judah ben Ilai, and disciple of Eliezer ben Hurcanus and Gamaliel II.

Rabbi Ilai is cited once in the Mishnah, and six times in the Tosefta.


A man is known in three things: by his purse, by his drinking and by his anger.[3]


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