Radio Television of Vojvodina

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Radio Television of Vojvodina
Радио Телевизија Војводине
Radio Televizija Vojvodine
Vajdasági rádió és televízió
Radio Televizia Vojvodiny
Radioteleviziunea Voivodinei
Радіо Телебачення Воєводини
Type Broadcast radio, television and online
Availability Regional
Founded 26 May 2006; 12 years ago (2006-05-26) (Current form)
Slogan U pokretu
У покрету
0.40% (TV advert, 2014–15)[1]
1.27% (TV rating, 2014–15)[1]
<1.00% (Radio rating, 2014–15)[1]
Revenue Increase 18.06 million (2017)[2]
Decrease (€1.11 million) (2017)[2]
Headquarters Ignjata Pavlasa 3, Novi Sad
Broadcast area
Owner Government of Serbia
Key people
Miodrag Koprivica (General Director)
Launch date
29 November 1949 (1949-11-29) (Radio)
26 November 1975 (1975-11-26) (Television)
Former names
RTV 1, RTV 2
Radio stations
RNS 1, RNS 2, RNS 3
Official website

Radio Television of Vojvodina (Serbian: Радио Телевизија Војводине/Radio Televizija Vojvodine, Hungarian: Vajdasági rádió és televízió, Slovak: Radio Televizia Vojvodiny, Croatian: Radio Televizija Vojvodine, Romanian: Radioteleviziunea Voivodinei, Rusyn: Радіо Телебачення Воєводини; abbr. РТВ/RTV) is the regional public broadcaster in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Its headquarters is in Novi Sad.


Radio Television of Vojvodina headquarters, before and after NATO bombing in 1999
Old Radio Television of Vojvodina headquarters

Formerly, it was known as Radio Television Novi Sad (Serbian: Радио Телевизија Нови Сад (РТНС)/Radio Televizija Novi Sad (RTNS)). In 1992 Radio Television Novi Sad, together with Radio Television Belgrade (RTB) and Radio Television Pristina (RTP), became a part of Radio Television of Serbia. In 1999, the buildings of the RTNS in the Mišeluk neighborhood of Novi Sad were bombed and destroyed by the NATO airforce. After the war, the RTNS was moved to the new building in the city centre.

In May 2006, the Radio Television of Serbia was officially divided into two public broadcasting systems: Radio Television of Serbia (Public Service of Serbia) with headquarters in Belgrade and Radio Television of Vojvodina (Public Service of Vojvodina) with headquarters in Novi Sad.


Radio Television of Vojvodina broadcasts programme in 7 languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovak, Rusyn, Romanian and Romany.

Certain TV shows are also translated into Sign language.

Since autumn 2011, programmes and news in the German language have been broadcast as well.


RTV has the following radio channels:

  • Radio Novi Sad 1 (Радио Нови Сад 1), in Serbian
  • Radio Novi Sad 2 (Радио Нови Сад 2), in Hungarian
  • Radio Novi Sad 3 (Радио Нови Сад 3), in Croatian, Slovak, Rusyn, Romanian and Romany


Current TV channels

  • Rаdio television of Vojvodina 1 (Радио телевизија Војводине 1), in Serbian.
  • Radio television of Vojvodina 2 (Рaдио телевизија Војводине 2), in Serbian and minority languages.

TV Channels 1999-2006

Before the transformation of television into Radio Television of Vojvodina, the Radio Television Novi Sad had two channels:

  • TV Novi Sad 1 (TВ Нoви Сaд 1)
  • TV Novi Sad 2 (ТВ Нови Сад 2)

TV Channels before 1999

Before the NATO bombing, the Radio Television Novi Sad had two channels:

  • TV Novi Sad (ТВ Нови Сад)
  • TV Novi Sad plus (TВ Нови Сад плус)

Internationally created shows broadcast by RTV

Original name Local name Origin
Tarzán Тарзан
United States
The Brothers Karamazov Браћа Карамазови
Braća Karamazovi
Les Jurés Доба злочина
Doba zločina
Frasier Фрејжер
United States
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy Каубоју никад удовољити
Kauboju nikad udovoljiti
Rachael Ray Рејчел Реј
Rejčel Rej
United States
La tassinara Таксисткиња

Some of the independently created shows broadcast by RTV

  • Čarde na Dunavu [3]
  • Kuhinjica [4]
  • Njuškanje [5]

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External links

  • Official website (in Serbian)
  • Official website (in Hungarian)
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