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Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation
Available in English
Created by Lars Aarhus, Kent Hedlundh and Karel Stokkermans
Launched 1994
Current status Active

The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF) is an international organization dedicated to collecting statistics about association football. The foundation aims to build an exhaustive archive of football-related information from around the world.


This enterprise according to its founders was created in January 1994 by three regulars of the Rec.Sport.Soccer (RSS) Usenet newsgroup: Lars Aarhus, Kent Hedlundh, and Karel Stokkermans. It was originally known as the "North European Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation", but the geographical reference was dropped as its membership from other regions grew.

Today the RSSSF has members and contributors from all around the world, and has spawned seven spin-off projects to more closely follow the leagues of that project's home country. The spin-off projects are dedicated to Albania, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Romania, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

This enterprise was for many years closely tied with the newsgroup RSS, and it still maintains an archive (last updated 15 June 2003) of what some of its contributors consider to be the best posts of RSS.


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