Quan River

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Quan River (泉河)
Fen River
Country China
Region Northern China and Eastern China
Part of Huai River watershed
Cities Fuyang, Jieshou, Luohe, Shangshui, Shenqiu, Linquan
 - location Shaoling District of Luohe, Henan province, China
Mouth Ying River
 - location Near the Fuyang, Anhui province, China
 - coordinates 32°54′24″N 115°50′09″E / 32.9068°N 115.8357°E / 32.9068; 115.8357Coordinates: 32°54′24″N 115°50′09″E / 32.9068°N 115.8357°E / 32.9068; 115.8357
Length 149.7 mi (241 km), Northwest-Southeast
Basin 2,031 sq mi (5,260 km2)
Map showing the Quan River and Huai River
Quan River photoed at 11:53 a.m on May 18th,2017

The Quan River is a major river in Henan province of China. It is the largest tributary of the Ying River which is a part of the Huai River watershed system. Its total length is about 241 km, 120 km of which in the upstream section is also called Fen River. It flows into the Ying River in Anhui province.[1]


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