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A Qaem missile.

The Qaem (or Ghaem, Persian: موشک ضدبالگرد قائم‎)[1][2] is an Iranian SACLOS beam-riding SHORAD surface-to-air missile. With a range of six kilometers and a maximum altitude of two kilometers, the Qaem is intended for use against UAVs and low flying or stationary helicopters. The Qaem is a development of the Toophan missile, itself an unlicensed copy of the American BGM-71 TOW missile, and entered mass production in 2009.[3][4]


The missiles can be used by Ghods Mohajer UAVs.[5]

The Qaem anti-aircraft missile uses a laser guidance system.[6] Iran also produces a variant, the Qaem-M, which adds a proximity fuse.[7]


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