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Putri Tangguk is a character from Jambi folklore.[1][2] According to the story, Putri Tangguk is a mother who has seven kids and lives with her husband.[2] Her husband and she are both farmers.[1] Although they work hard to take care of their children,[1] Putri Tangguk realizes that she does not have much time for her children due to her tiring work.[1] One day, Putri Tangguk tells her husband about a plan she forms,[1] filling up their warehouse with rice and other supplies so that they will not have to work as much or as long.[1] They do this, and on a rainy day, Putri Tangguk walks with her family to the rice field after the sky clears.[1] Suddenly, she slips on the wet ground.[1] She becomes angry at the road and curses it.[2] Nonetheless, they continue on to the rice fields.[2] On their return home, they walk along the same road.[2] Putri Tangguk sows a rice paddy on that road so that it will not ever be slippery again.[2] However, she quickly regrets this act after she realizes that the rice paddy is important.[2] The lesson of the story is to be thankful for what one has.[1]


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