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The Putidjara are an indigenous Australian people of Western Australia.


Putidjara territory, in Norman Tindale's estimation extended over 20,000 square miles (52,000 km2). They were to be found south of Lake George, and east to Kolajuru, and beyond the southeast of Lake Disappointment, latterly at Mendel in the direction of the Hutton Range. The frontier with the Mandjildjara lay at Tjundutjundu well on the Canning Stock Route. When drought struck they would press south to Kadidi near Lake Augusta, and the moon totem (raga)soak called Tjangara. Their most southerly boundary was at Pulburumal, the twelfth waterhole on the Canning Stock Route. Their border with the Kartudjara was at Lawulawu (Canning Stock Route Well 16).[1]

Alternative names

  • Potitjara, Putitjara
  • Budidjara, Bududjara
  • Purditara
  • Pawutudjara
  • Paodudjara
  • Patudja
  • Patudjara
  • Partutudjara
  • Bawndudjara
  • Partutu (lake people)
  • Ngondidjara (Kartudjara exonym)
  • Kaltalbudara
  • Kaltalbudjara
  • Kaltalbudjira
  • Poroko (Kokatja exonym)
  • Barduwonga
  • Badu, Pardu(?)
  • Tutudjara[1]



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