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Pushmeet Kohli
Alma mater Oxford Brookes University (PhD in Computer Vision, 2007)
National Institute of Technology, Warangal (Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, 2004)
Occupation Computer scientist

Pushmeet Kohli is a computer scientist in the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge.[1] He also is a member of the psychometrics center in University of Cambridge[2] and is an ACM Distinguished speaker.[3]

The majority of his research is in the field of machine learning and computer vision. However, he has also made contributions in game theory, discrete algorithms and psychometrics.[4] He is the recipient of the BMVA Sullivan Prize. His papers have received awards at CVPR 2015, WWW 2014,[5] ISMAR 2011 and ECCV 2010.[6]

Notable Works

  • Picture programming language[7] (with Tejas Kulkarni, Vikash Mansinghka and Josh Tenenbaum). CVPR 2015.
  • 3D scene reconstruction and understanding.
  • Inference in Higher Order Graphical Models.
  • Community based Crowdsourcing[8]
  • User Personality Prediction from Browsing behavior[9]
  • Behavioral experiments on Social networks[10]
  • Human Pose Estimation using the Kinect[11]
  • Video Editing (Unwrap Mosaics)[12] - SIGGRAPH 2008


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