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Compilation album by Various Artists
Released Oct 16, 2001
Genre Punk rock
Label Nitro
Producer Jimmy Dufour
Mark McKay
Sean Sweeney
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]

Punkzilla is a 2001 compilation album consisting of songs by bands on Nitro Records.

Track listing[2][3]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Dream of Waking" (vinyl-only track from The Art of Drowning) AFI 3:04
2. "Democracy?" (from Grave Disorder) The Damned 3:15
3. "Not The Same" (from How It Works) Bodyjar 3:08
4. "Behind The Music" (from Look What I Almost Stepped In...) The Vandals 2:44
5. "Still" (from Perhaps, I Suppose...) Rufio 3:06
6. "Jennifer Lost the War" (from The Offspring) The Offspring 2:37
7. "Wasted" (from Disappear) T.S.O.L. 1:52
8. "You Know How It Is" (from Speakeasy) Stavesacre 2:18
9. "Black Clouds vs. Silver Linings" (from The Price of Progression) Ensign 2:19
10. "Hit Machine" (from Gorgeous) Guttermouth 2:01
11. "Wester" (from The Art of Drowning) AFI 3:03
12. "Misunderstanding Maybe" (previously unreleased) Divit 3:11
13. "A Thousand Days" (from The Offspring) The Offspring 2:12
14. "Why Are You Alive?" (previously unreleased) The Vandals 2:35
15. "Lookin' For Action" (from Grave Disorder) The Damned 4:06
16. "Sold" (previously unreleased) T.S.O.L. 2:01
17. "Birds & Bees" (previously unreleased, later from Original Sinners) Original Sinners 2:13
18. "Michael" (from Songs from the Earth) Son of Sam 3:16
19. "Hypnotized" (from Fuel For Life) The Turbo A.C.'s 2:35
20. "The Days of the Phoenix" (from The Art of Drowning) AFI 3:29


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