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Public holidays celebrated in Spain include a mix of religious (Roman Catholic), national and regional observances. Each municipality is allowed to have a maximum of 13 public holidays per year; a maximum of nine of these are chosen by the national government and at least two are chosen locally.

If one of the "national holidays" happens to fall on a Sunday the regional governments — the autonomous communities of Spain — can choose an alternate holiday or they can allow local authorities to choose. In practice, except for holidays falling on a Sunday, the regional governments can choose up to three holidays per year; or they can choose fewer to allow for more options at the local level.

A puente (bridge) is sometimes made between weekends and holidays that fall on Tuesday or Thursday. The puente will then create a long weekend.

Since 2010, Ceuta and Melilla, both autonomous cities of Spain, have declared the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha or Feast of the Sacrifice, as an official public holiday. It was the first time a non-Christian religious festival has been officially celebrated in Spain since the Reconquista.[1][2][3]

Current holidays

The following table is updated to 2018[4].

Autonomous communities Autonomous cities
Date English name Native name Notes Andalusia Aragon Castile and León Castilla–La Mancha Canary Islands Catalonia Extremadura Galicia (Spain) Balearic Islands La Rioja (Spain) Community of Madrid Region of Murcia Navarre Asturias Basque Country (autonomous community) Cantabria Valencian Community Ceuta Melilla
January 1 New Year's Day Año Nuevo ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
January 6 Epiphany Día de Reyes / Epifanía del Señor ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
February 28 Andalusian National Day Día de Andalucía Statute-of-Autonomy commemoration ☑Y
March 1 Balearic National Day Dia de les Illes Balears ☑Y
March 19 St. Joseph's Day San José[5] ☑Y ☑Y
March or April Maundy Thursday Jueves Santo ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Good Friday Viernes Santo ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Easter Monday Lunes de Pascua ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
April 23 Aragonese National Day San Jorge o Diya d’Aragón Patronage festivity ☑Y
Regional Day Día de Castilla y León Historical account ☑Y
May 1 Labour Day Día del Trabajador ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
May 2 Regional Day Fiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid Historical account ☑Y
May 17 Galician Literature Day Día das Letras Galegas ☑Y
May 30 Canarians National Day Día de Canarias first-Canary-parliament commemoration ☑Y
May 31 Regional Day Día de la Región Castilla-La Mancha Regional constitution commemoration ☑Y
June 9 Regional Day Día de la Región de Murcia Statute-of-Autonomy commemoration ☑Y
Día de La Rioja ☑Y
June 13 St. Anthony's Day San Antonio ☑Y
July 25 Galician National Day Santiago Apóstol o Día da Patria Galega Patronage festivity ☑Y
August 6 Santa Maria of Africa Santa María de África ☑Y
August 15 Assumption Asunción ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
August 22 Feast of the Sacrifice or Eid al-Adha Celebración del Sacrificio Variable Islamic ☑Y ☑Y
September 8 Regional Day Día de Asturias Patronage festivity ☑Y
Día de Extremadura ☑Y
September 11 Catalonian National Day Diada de Catalunya Historical account ☑Y
September 15 Regional Day Día de Cantabria o Día de La Montaña Customs-and-traditions exaltation ☑Y
September 17 Municipal Day Día de Melilla Historical account ☑Y
October 9 Valencian National Day Dia de la Comunitat Valenciana ☑Y
October 12 Spanish National Holiday Fiesta Nacional de España ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
October 25 Basque National Day Euskadi Eguna[6] Statute-of-Autonomy commemoration ☑Y
November 1 All Saints Day Día de todos los Santos ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
December 6 Constitution Day Día de la Constitución ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
December 8 Immaculate Conception Inmaculada Concepción ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
December 25 Christmas Day Navidad ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
December 26 St. Stephen's Day Sant Esteve ☑Y
Total holidays 12 12 12 12 12 13 12 13 13 12 12 13 12 12 13 12 13 14 14


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