Princess Sophie of Luxembourg

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Princess Sophie of Luxembourg
Princess Sophie of Saxony
Princess Sophia of Luxembourg.jpg
Born (1902-02-14)14 February 1902
Berg Castle, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg
Died 24 May 1941(1941-05-24) (aged 39)
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Spouse Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony
Issue Prince Dedo
Prince Timo
Prince Gero
Full name
French: Sophie Caroline Marie Wilhelmine
House House of Nassau-Weilburg
House of Wettin
Father William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Mother Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal
Religion Roman Catholicism

Princess Sophie Caroline Marie Wilhelmine of Luxembourg[1][2] (14 February 1902 – 24 May 1941) was the sixth and youngest daughter[1][2] of Grand Duke William IV and his wife, Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal.[1][2]


Sophie was born in Berg Castle, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg.[1][2] Two of Sophie's elder sisters reigned as Grand Duchess of Luxembourg: Marie-Adélaïde and Charlotte.

Sophie married Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony,[1][2] youngest son[1][2] of the last Saxon monarch Frederick Augustus III and his wife Archduchess Luise of Austria, Princess of Tuscany,[1][2] on 12 April 1921 at Schloss Hohenburg.[1][2] Sophie and Ernst Heinrich had three sons, three grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren:[1][2]

  • Prince Albrecht Friedrich August Johannes Gregor Dedo of Saxony (9 May 1922 in Munich);[1][2]-6 December 2009 in Radebeul, Germany.[3]
  • Prince Georg Timo Michael Nikolaus Maria of Saxony (22 December 1923 in Munich-22 April 1982 in Emden)[1][2] married Margrit Lucas on 7 August 1952 at Mülheim. They have two children, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. He remarried Charlotte Schwindack on 3 February 1966, from whom he was divorced on 6 February 1973. He remarried Erina Eilts on 26 March 1974. He has an illegitimate son and four grandchildren.
    • Hermann von Sachsen (25 May 1950) married Theophana Aladjov on 8 April 1979, from whom he was divorced in 1991. They have four children:
      • Marie Luise Anne Sophie Katherine von Sachsen (11 September 1981)
      • Marie Helene Elisabeth Viktoria Theophana von Sachsen (5 April 1983)
      • Max-Emanuel Georg August Peter von Sachsen (25 November 1984)
      • Franz-Ferdinand Johannes Christian Peter von Sachsen (22 November 1985)
    • Prince Rüdiger Karl Ernst Timo Aldi of Saxony (23 December 1953) married Astrid Linke (1949–November 1989) on 14 June 1974 and had three sons and seven grandchildren. He remarried Diana Dorndorf in January 2004, from whom he was divorced in 2008.
      • Prince Daniel of Saxony, Duke of Saxony (23 June 1975); married Sandra Scherer on 30 July 2011 and they have two children
        • Princess Anna-Catharina Sophie of Saxony (13 January 2013)
        • Prince Gero Friedrich Johann of Saxony (13 April 2015)
      • Prince Arne of Saxony, Duke of Saxony (7 March 1977) married Sarah Schneider on 2 September 2011 and they have two daughters
        • Princess Rosa Kunigunde Sophie Amalie Auguste of Saxony (2 March 2010)
        • Princess Frida Erdmuthe Elvira Ludovica Benedicte of Saxony (16 September 2011)
      • Prince Nils of Saxony, Duke of Saxony (b. 1978); married Jedida Taborek on 8 November 2008. They have three children:
        • Prince Moritz of Saxony (21 March 2009)
        • Princess Aurelie of Saxony (4 May 2010)
        • Princess Felizitas of Saxony (1 June 2015)
    • Princess Iris Hildegard Sophie Margit Gisela of Saxony (21 September 1955) married Jurgen Hadam on 21 March 1975, She married Wolfgang Konig on 20 May 1977, from whom she was divorced in 1983 She remarried Ulrich Schumacher on 8 August 1988, from whom she was divorced in 1989. She remarried Wolfgang Döhring on 11 November 1996. She has two illegitimate daughters and a granddaughter:
      • Xenia Gabriela Florence Sophie Iris von Sachsen (20 August 1986) she has an illegitimate child:
        • Taro von Sachsen (2015)
      • Xandra Barbara Desirée Emy Margrit von Sachsen (15 January 1990)
  • Prince Rupprecht Hubertus Gero Maria of Saxony (12 September 1925 in Munich-10 April 2003 in Picton, Ontario, Canada)[1][2]

Sophie died on 24 May 1941 at age 39 in Munich of pneumonia.[1][2] Following her death, Ernst Heinrich married secondly and morganatically to Virginia Dulon on 28 June 1947 in Paris.[1][2]

Titles and styles

  • 14 February 1902 – 12 April 1921: Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Sophie of Luxembourg
  • 12 April 1921 – 24 May 1941: Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie of Saxony, Princess of Luxembourg



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