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Princess Maria
Princess Maria of Romania
Born (1964-07-13) 13 July 1964 (age 54)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Kazimierz Wiesław Mystkowski
(m. 1995; div. 2003)
House Romania (since 2011)
Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (until 2011)
Father Michael I of Romania
Mother Anne of Bourbon-Parma
Religion Romanian Orthodox
Romanian royal family
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Romania (1881-1947)

  • HRH Prince Paul
    HRH Princess Lia‡
    • HRH Prince Carol Ferdinand‡
  • HRH Prince Alexander‡

*Titled according to private family rules

‡Status disputed

Princess Maria of Romania, formerly Princess of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (born 13 July 1964[1]) is the fifth and youngest daughter of King Michael I and Queen Anne of Romania.

Since 2015[2] she has lived in Romania and carried out a public role on behalf of the Romanian royal family.

Early life

Princess Marie (Romanian: Maria) was born in exile on 13 July 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark as the youngest of five daughters of King Michael I and Queen Anne. Maria was born while her father was in the United States on business for the New York Stock Exchange. King Michael was informed by telephone that he'd become father for the fifth time.

Maria was baptised in the Orthodox faith, with her eldest sister, Princess Margareta, as godmother. Queen Marie, her paternal great-grandmother, was her namesake.[3]

As a young girl, Maria and her sisters were told "fascinating tales of a homeland they couldn't visit" by their father.[4]

Maria was educated in Switzerland where the family lived during exile, and spent most her early adult life living and working in the USA[5], including New York and New Mexico.


Her teenage years were spent in Switzerland with her family, where she received her primary and secondary education. Maria later moved to the United States to pursue her studies in childcare.[6] After completing her studies, Maria worked briefly in the childcare field.

After her brief career in childcare, Maria pursued a career in New York, doing public relations for private companies.[7] During the Romanian Revolution of 1989, Maria, along with the rest of the royal family, worked to help the victims of those affected. In New York, Maria helped console the many U.S relatives of those killed in the uprising.[4] When the situation in Romania eventually calmed down she left her public relations career and moved to New Mexico where she worked in private consulting until she moved to Romania in 2015.[8]

Activities in Romania

Princess Maria visited Romania with her parents and other members of the family in 1997, and from this point onwards began visiting the country regularly for Christmas or family events such as her parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary and King Michael's 90th Birthday celebrations.[9]

On 7 May 2014 Princess Maria was invested with the Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown in a ceremony conducted by Crown Princess Margareta at the Elisabeta Palace[10] to mark Marie's upcoming 50th birthday. This was followed by a dinner at the Palace attended by the Prime Minister of Romania (Victor Ponta) and other guests.

On 21 April 2015 it was announced by the Romanian cosmetic company Farmec that Maria is an official ambassador of the company, where she will participate in projects to promote products created in the research lab of the company, as well as social responsibility activities undertaken by Farmec.[11]

In January 2015 it was announced that Princess Maria would move to Romania permanently to take on activities in support of the royal family,[12][13] and she was present in the public commemorations in Bucharest of 25 years since the royal family's return later the same month. Maria has represented the royal family at events across the country, acted in support of Margareta, Custodian of the Crown and taken on a number of patronages[14] including Concordia Humanitarian Organisation.[15]

During her father's illnesses, Maria and her elder sisters took turns to be with him at his home in Switzerland and it was during Maria's stay where King Michael had passed away.[16]

Marriage and divorce


On 16 September 1995, Maria married Kazimierz Wiesław Mystkowski (b. 13 September 1958 in Łaś-Toczyłowo), a Polish nobleman from the Mystkowski family and a computer engineer.[17] Raised in a Catholic family, he is the son of Eugeniusz Mystkowski and his wife, Janina Wadelowska. The wedding celebration was held at the Greek Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral in New York, and was attended by the Romanian royal family, the parents of Kazimierz, the newly married Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Greece.[18][19] King Michael I served as koumbaros to the couple.[20]

As Kazimierz was Roman Catholic, Maria lost her place in line of Succession to the British throne under the terms of the Act of Settlement 1701, however she was reinstated to the line of succession on 26 March 2015 with the coming into force of the Succession to the Crown Act 2013.


In 2003 the couple subsequent divorced without producing any children.[21]


  • Congress of the Romanian Society of Rhinology.
  • Concordia Humanitarian Organization.
  • National Recycling Patrol Program, developed by the Romanian Recycling Association RoRec.
  • The International Chinological Exhibition in Alba Iulia.
  • Annual Equestrian Event organized by the Equestria Club.
  • The Caolin Contemporary International Ceramic Festival.
  • The Badminton Romanian Federation.
  • The 42nd Conventus Latin ENT.
  • The National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.[22]

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Princess Maria of Romania
Kingdom of Romania - Big CoA.svg
Reference style Her Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness

Titles and styles

  • 13 July 1964 – 10 May 2011: Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania, Princess of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.
  • 10 May 2011 – Present: Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania.

Dynastic honours



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Born: 13 July 1964
Romanian royalty
Preceded by
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Line of succession to the former Romanian throne
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