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The primates in the Anglican Communion are each the most senior bishop or archbishop of one of the 39 churches (also known as provinces) of the Anglican Communion.[1]


Some of these provinces are stand-alone ecclesiastical provinces (such as the Church of the Province of West Africa), while others are national churches comprising several ecclesiastical provinces (such as the Church of England). Since 1978, the Anglican primates have met annually for an Anglican Communion Primates' Meeting at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is regarded as the symbolic leader (though primus-inter-pares) of the Anglican primates. While the gathering has no legal jurisdiction, it acts as one of the informal instruments of unity among the autonomous provinces of the communion.

In stand-alone ecclesiastical provinces, the primate is the metropolitan archbishop of the province. In national churches composed of several ecclesiastical provinces, the primate will be senior to the metropolitan archbishops of the various provinces, and may also be a metropolitan archbishop. In those churches which do not have a tradition of archiepiscopacy, the primate is a bishop styled "primus" (in the case of the Scottish Episcopal Church), "presiding bishop", "president bishop", "prime bishop" or simply "primate". In the case of the Episcopal Church in the United States, which is composed of several ecclesiastical provinces, there is a presiding bishop who is its primate, but the individual provinces are not led by metropolitans.

Anglican primates may be attached to a fixed see (e.g., the Archbishop of Canterbury is invariably the Primate of All England), who may be chosen from among sitting metropolitans or diocesan bishops and retain the see (as with, for example, the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia), or who may have no see (as in the Anglican Church of Canada). Primates are generally chosen by election (either by a synod consisting of laity, clergy and bishops, or by a House of Bishops). In some instances, the primacy is awarded on the basis of seniority among the episcopal college. In the Church of England, the primate, like all bishops, is appointed by the British sovereign, in the capacity of Supreme Governor of the established church, on the advice of the Crown Appointments Commission.

Dual primates

In the Church of England and the Church of Ireland, the metropolitan of the second province has since medieval times also been accorded the title of primate. In England, the Archbishop of Canterbury is known as the "Primate of All England" [2] while the Archbishop of York as "Primate of England"[3] (see also Primacy of Canterbury). In Ireland both the Anglican and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Armagh are titled "Primate of All Ireland";[4][5] while both the Anglican and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Dublin are titled "Primate of Ireland".[5] As both of these positions pre-date the 1921 partition, they relate to the whole of Ireland. The junior primates of these churches do not normally participate in the Primates' Meeting.

List of current primates

Active primate Male primate
Inactive primate Female primate
Position vacant or acting primate

This is a list of the 39 current primates (including four moderators of united churches) in the worldwide Anglican Communion. The list is given according to the Anglican order of precedence, with the Archbishop of Canterbury as primus inter pares first and the others in order of seniority by their installation to their primacy.

# Province Primate Person Date of birth & age Consecration[i] Took office[ii]
1 Church of England The Archbishop of Canterbury
(Primate of All England)
Justin Welby (1956-01-06) 6 January 1956 (age 62) 28 October 2011 4 February 2013 (confirmed)[6]
1a[iii] Church of Pakistan The Bishop of Peshawar
(Moderator of the Church of Pakistan)
Humphrey Peters unknown 2011 20 May 2017
2 Church in Wales The Archbishop of Wales
& Bishop of Swansea and Brecon
John Davies (1953-02-06) 6 February 1953 (age 65) 2 May 2008 2 December 2017[7]
3 Anglican Church of Burundi The Archbishop of Burundi
& Bishop of Makamba
Martin Nyaboho 1955 (age 62–63) 1997 21 August 2016
4 Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean The Archbishop of the Indian Ocean
& Bishop of Seychelles
James Wong 1960 (age 57–58) April 2009 27 August 2017
5 Anglican Church in Japan The Primate of Japan
& Bishop of Hokkaido
Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu 1952 (age 65–66)[8] 1997[8] 23 May 2006 (elected)[9]
6 Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East The President Bishop of the Church in Jerusalem
& Bishop of Jerusalem
Suheil Dawani 1949 (age 68–69) 15 April 2007 17 May 2017
7 Anglican Church of Canada The Primate of Canada Fred Hiltz 1954 (age 63–64)[10] 1995[10] 25 June 2007
8 Hong Kong Anglican Church (Episcopal) The Archbishop of Hong Kong
& Bishop of Hong Kong Island
Paul Kwong 1952 (age 65–66) 25 March 2006 28 September 2007
9 Anglican Church of Southern Africa The Archbishop of Cape Town
(Primate of Southern Africa)
Thabo Makgoba (1960-12-15) 15 December 1960 (age 57) 25 May 2002 31 December 2007
10 Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan The Archbishop of Juba
(Primate of South Sudan)
Daniel Deng Bul (1950-01-02) 2 January 1950 (age 68) 1988 20 April 2008
11 Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan The Archbishop of Khartum
(Primate of Sudan)
Ezekiel Kondo unknown 2003 30 July 2017
12 Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma) The Archbishop of Myanmar
& Bishop of Yangon
Stephen Than Myint Oo 1958 (age 59–60) 2005 17 February 2009
13 Anglican Church of Kenya The Archbishop of Kenya
(Bishop of All Saints' Cathedral)
Jackson Ole Sapit (1964-06-12) 12 June 1964 (age 53) 2005 3 July 2016
14 Province of the Anglican Church of the Congo The Archbishop of the Congo
& Bishop of Kindu
Masimango Katanda unknown 11 July 2016 11 September 2016
15 Scottish Episcopal Church The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church
& Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness
Mark Strange (1961-11-02) 2 November 1961 (age 56) June 2007 27 June 2017
15a[iii] Church of Bangladesh The Bishop of Dhakha
(Moderator of the Church of Bangladesh)
Paul Sarker Unknown January 2003[11] October 2009
16 Church in the Province of the West Indies The Archbishop of the West Indies
& Bishop of Barbados
John Holder 1948 (age 69–70) 2000 10 December 2009
17 Anglican Church of Korea The Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of Korea
& Bishop of Pusan
Onesimus Park 1952 (age 65–66) 22 May 2008 2010
18 Church of Nigeria The Archbishop of Abuja
(Primate of All Nigeria & Bishop of Abuja)
Nicholas Okoh (1952-11-10) 10 November 1952 (age 65) March 2001 March 2010
18a[iv] Anglican Church in Aotearoa,
New Zealand and Polynesia
The Bishop of Polynesia
(Co-Archbishop of New Zealand)
Winston Halapua 1945 (age 72–73) April 2005[12] 1 August 2010
19 Anglican Church of South America The Presiding Bishop of South America
& Bishop of Argentina
Gregory Venables (1949-12-06) 6 December 1949 (age 68) November 1993 10 November 2016
20 Church of the Province of Rwanda The Archbishop of Rwanda
& Bishop of Gasabo
Onesphore Rwaje (1953-06-06) 6 June 1953 (age 64) 1991 23 January 2011
21 Church of the Province of Central Africa The Archbishop of Central Africa
& Bishop of Northern Zambia
Albert Chama Unknown 2002 20 March 2011
22 Church of the Province of South East Asia The Archbishop of South East Asia
& Bishop of West Malaysia
Datuk Ng Moon Hing (1955-11-12) 12 November 1955 (age 62) 5 May 2007 22 February 2016
23 Church of Ireland The Archbishop of Armagh
(Primate of All Ireland)
Richard Clarke (1949-06-25) 25 June 1949 (age 68) 14 September 1996[13] 15 December 2012
24 Church of Uganda The Archbishop of Uganda
& Bishop of Kampala
Stanley Ntagali 1955 (age 62–63) 19 November 2004 16 December 2012
24a[iv] Anglican Church in Aotearoa,
New Zealand and Polynesia
The Bishop of Taranaki
(Archbishop of the New Zealand Dioceses
& Co-Archbishop of New Zealand)
Philip Richardson 1958 (age 59–60)[14] 1999[14] 1 May 2013[14]
25 Anglican Church of Tanzania The Archbishop of Tanzania
& Bishop of Mpwapwa
Jacob Chimeledya (1957-08-28) 28 August 1957 (age 60)[15] 2005[15] 19 May 2013[15]
26 Anglican Church of Mexico The Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of Mexico
& Bishop of Northern Mexico
Francisco Moreno (1950-08-13) 13 August 1950 (age 67) 5 March 2010[16] 16 June 2013[17]
27 Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea The Archbishop of Papua New Guinea Allan Rirme Migi 1959 (age 58–59) 2000 3 September 2017
28 Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil The Bishop of Brasilia
(Primate of Brazil)
Francisco de Assis da Silva Unknown 2010 November 2013 (elected)
29 Church of the Province of West Africa The Primate of West Africa
Archbishop of Ghana & Bishop of Kumasi
Daniel Sarfo Unknown 14 March 1999[18] 21 January 2014[19]
30 Anglican Church of Australia The Primate of Australia
& Archbishop of Melbourne
Philip Freier (1955-02-09) 9 February 1955 (age 63) 1999 4 July 2014
30a[iii] Church of North India The Bishop of Amritsar
(Moderator of the Church of North India)
Pradeep Samantaroy[20] (1951-03-01) 1 March 1951 (age 67)[20] 15 September 1996[21] 9 October 2014[20]
31 Episcopal Church in the Philippines The Prime Bishop of the Philippines Joel Pachao (1956-07-29) 29 July 1956 (age 61) 25 May 1992 2017
32 Anglican Church in Central America The Bishop of Nicaragua
& Primate of IARCA
Sturdie Downs 1947 (age 70–71) 9 February 1985[22] 21 February 2015[23]
33 The Episcopal Church in the USA The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Michael Curry (1953-03-13) 13 March 1953 (age 65) June 17, 2000 1 November 2015 (term began)[24]
34 Church of the Province of Melanesia Archbishop of Melanesia
& Bishop of Central Melanesia
George Takeli 1959 (age 58–59) August 2009 17 April 2016
34a[iii] Church of South India The Moderator of the Church of South India
& Bishop of Madhya Kerala
Thomas K. Oommen (1953-11-29) 29 November 1953 (age 64) 5 March 2011 January 2017
35 Anglican Church in Aotearoa,
New Zealand and Polynesia
The Bishop of Aotearoa (Te Pīhopa o Aotearoa)
(Archbishop of New Zealand and Pīhopa o (Bishop of) Tairāwhiti)
ZwVacant since 9 January 2017 (2000-01-14) January 14, 2000 (age 18) 14 January 2038 14 January 2038

Resignations and retirements


  1. ^ The date the person was consecrated as an Anglican (or United Church) bishop.
  2. ^ The date the person became primate (usually the confirmation of their election or their installation, enthronement or investiture).
  3. ^ a b c d The moderators of the Churches of Bangladesh, of North India, of Pakistan and of South India are not, strictly speaking, primates, but they nonetheless rank with and participate alongside the Communion's primates.
  4. ^ a b The senior bishops of each of the three tikanga technically share the Primacy and the style of "Archbishop of New Zealand", but late Brown Turei was the de facto head of the church.

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