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President of
the Republic of Slovenia
Predsednik Republike Slovenije
Flag of the President of Slovenia.svg
Borut Pahor 2010.jpg
Borut Pahor

since 22 December 2012
Style Mister/Madam President (Gospod/Gospa predsednik/predsednica)
His/Her Excellency (Njegova/Njena ekscelenca)

Presidential Palace, Ljubljana

temporarily: Vila Podrožnik, Ljubljana
Appointer Popular vote
Term length Five years, renewable once
Constituting instrument Constitution of Slovenia
Inaugural holder Milan Kučan
Formation 23 December 1991; 26 years ago (1991-12-23)
Salary 5.419,54 monthly (basic salary)
Website Official website
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The office of President of Slovenia, officially President of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovene: Predsednik Republike Slovenije), was established on 23 December 1991 when the National Assembly passed a new Constitution as a result of independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

According to the Constitution, the President is the highest representative of the state. In practice, the position is mostly ceremonial. Among other things, the President is also the commander-in-chief of the Slovenian Armed Forces. The office of the President is the Presidential Palace in Ljubljana.

The President is directly elected by universal adult suffrage for a term of five years. Any Slovenian citizen can run for president, but can hold only two consecutive terms in office.

List of Presidents of Slovenia

Socialist Republic of Slovenia


  KPS/ZKS   SDP   Independent

No. Name
Portrait Term of office Political party
Chairman of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People
1 Josip Vidmar
Josip Vidmar.jpg 3 October 1943 19 February 1944 Communist Party of Slovenia
President of Presidium of the Slovenian People's Liberation Council (SNOS)
Josip Vidmar
Josip Vidmar.jpg 19 February 1944 1945 Communist Party of Slovenia
President of the Presidium of the People's Assembly
Josip Vidmar
Josip Vidmar.jpg 1945 March 1953 Communist Party of Slovenia
renamed in 1952 to
League of Communists of Slovenia
Presidents of the People's Assembly
2 Miha Marinko
Miha Marinko 1969.jpg December 1953 1962 League of Communists of Slovenia
3 Vida Tomšič
Vida Tomšič 1966.jpg 1962 1963 League of Communists of Slovenia
5 Ivan Maček
Ivan Maček.jpg 1963 1967 League of Communists of Slovenia
6 Sergej Kraigher
Sergej Kraigher 1969.jpg 1967 1974 League of Communists of Slovenia
8 Marijan Brecelj
Brecelj Marijan.jpg 1974 1974 League of Communists of Slovenia
Presidents of the Presidency
9 Sergej Kraigher
Sergej Kraigher 1969.jpg May 1974 May 1979 League of Communists of Slovenia
10 Viktor Avbelj
Viktor Avbelj (1).jpg May 1979 7 May 1984 League of Communists of Slovenia
11 France Popit
France Popit 1969.jpg 7 May 1984 May 1988 League of Communists of Slovenia
12 Janez Stanovnik
StanovnikJanez.jpg May 1988 10 May 1990 League of Communists of Slovenia
(12) Party of Democratic Renewal
13 Milan Kučan
Milan Kucan.jpg 10 May 1990 23 December 1991 Independent

Republic of Slovenia

  LDS/GPR   SD   Independent

No. Name
Portrait Elected Term of office Political affiliation
1 Milan Kučan
Milan Kucan.jpg 1990
23 December 1991 22 December 2002 Independent
2 Janez Drnovšek
Janez Drnovsek.jpg 2002 22 December 2002 23 December 2007 Liberal Democracy of Slovenia
(until 2006)
Movement for Justice and Development
(from 2006)
3 Danilo Türk
Danilo Türk - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 cropped.jpg 2007 23 December 2007 22 December 2012 Independent
4 Borut Pahor
Borut Pahor 2010-10-08.jpg 2012 22 December 2012 Incumbent Social Democrats
(4) 2017 Independent

Latest election

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Borut Pahor Independent 355,117 47.21 378,307 53.09
Marjan Šarec List of Marjan Šarec 186,235 24.76 334,239 46.91
Romana Tomc Slovenian Democratic Party 102,925 13.68
Ljudmila Novak New Slovenia 54,437 7.24
Andrej Šiško United Slovenia Movement 16,636 2.21
Boris Popovič Slovenia Forever 13,559 1.80
Maja Makovec Brenčič Modern Centre Party 13,052 1.74
Suzana Lara Krause Slovenian People's Party 5,885 0.78
Angelca Likovič Voice for Children and Families 4,418 0.59
Invalid/blank votes 5,634 9,255
Total 757,898 100 721,801 100
Registered voters/turnout 1,713,762 44.24 1,713,473 42.13
Source: Volitve

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