Prefectures of the Central African Republic

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Prefectures and the commune of the Central African Republic
Préfectures et la commune de la République centrafricaine (French)
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Category Unitary state
Location Central African Republic
Number 16 Prefectures
1 Commune
Populations (Prefectures only): 43,229 (Bamingui-Bangoran) – 430,506 (Ouham-Pendé)
Areas (Prefectures only): 17,210 km2 (6,643 sq mi) (Kémo) – 86,700 km2 (33,460 sq mi) (Haute-Kotto)
Government Prefecture government, National government
Subdivisions Sub-Prefecture
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The Central African Republic is administratively divided into 16 prefectures (French: préfectures, Sango: kodoro kômanda-kôta) and the capital city of Bangui, which is an autonomous commune (French: commune autonome, Sango: kôta-gbata).

Each prefecture is governed by a local assembly called General Council (Conseil Général), presided by a Prefect (Préfet). The prefectures are further subdivided into 71 sub-prefectures.

Prefectures are all named after major rivers passing through their areas:

(Basse ("Lower") means downstream, and Haut or Haute ("Upper") means upstream.)

No. Prefecture ISO code Capital Population
(2003 census)
N/A Bangui (AC) CF-BGF Bangui 622,771 67
1. Mbomou CF-MB Bangassou 164,008 61,150
2. Basse-Kotto CF-BK Mobaye 249,150 17,604
3. Kémo CF-KG Sibut 118,420 17,204
4. Nana-Mambéré CF-NM Bouar 233,666 26,600
5. Ouham CF-AC Bossangoa 369,220 50,250
6. Sangha-Mbaéré CF-SE Nola 101,074 19,412
7. Lobaye CF-LB Mbaïki 246,875 19,235
8. Ombella-M'Poko CF-MP Bimbo 356,725 31,835
9. Ouham-Pendé CF-OP Bozoum 430,506 32,100
10. Haut-Mbomou CF-HM Obo 57,602 55,530
11. Ouaka CF-UK Bambari 276,710 49,900
12. Haute-Kotto CF-HK Bria 90,316 86,650
13. Bamingui-Bangoran CF-BB Ndélé 43,229 58,200
14. Vakaga CF-VK Birao 52,255 46,500
15. Nana-Grébizi CF-KB Kaga Bandoro 117,816 19,996
16. Mambéré-Kadéï CF-HS Berbérati 364,795 30,203

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