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Combination of
Prednisolone Glucocorticoid
Perphenazine Major tranquilizer
Clinical data
Trade names Sixty Six-20 (with chlorpheniramine)
Other names Prednisolone hemisuccinate compound with perphenazine; SCH-6620; 11β,17α,21-Trihydroxypregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione, 21-(hydrogen succinate), compound with 4-(3-(2-chlorophenothiazin-10-yl)propyl)-1-piperazineethanol (1:1)
Drug class Corticosteroid; Glucocorticoid
CAS Number
  • 5714-75-0
PubChem CID
  • 10010848
  • 8186427
  • 71099P640P
  • D05600
CompTox Dashboard (EPA)
  • DTXSID70972604

Prednazate, a combination of prednisolone hemisuccinate with perphenazine, is a synthetic glucocorticoid corticosteroid as well as typical antipsychotic and sedative/tranquilizer.[1] It was a component of Sixty Six-20,[1] a combination of prednazate (prednisolone hemisuccinate and perphenazine) and chlorpheniramine.[2]

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