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Pra Ram (พระราม) is the Thai name for Rama, the main Protagonist in the Thai Ramakian (sometimes spelled 'Ramakien') Epic Myth. Ramakian is an adaptation from the Indian Ramayana tale by the Hermit Valmiki. Pra Ram is the Avatar (Incarnation) of the Hindu Deity Vishnu Narayana, who is called 'Pra Narai' in Thai. He is born on Earth in order to punish the Demon Yaksa Tosagan, and to fight for the return of his Consort Nang Sida.

Role in the Ramakian

Pra Ram has the leading role in the Ramakian Epic, and leads the army to Langka to recover his beloved Sida (who is actually also the Avatar of the Goddess Lakshmi, and always accompanies Pra Narai on his Quests and Incarnations).


Pra Ram was the oldest born of four brothers, all born to the same father, Tao Tosarot. The other three brothers are called Pra Laks, Pra Prot and Pra Satrut Pra Ram was born to Tao Tosarot and Nang Gao Suria, whereas Pra Laks and Pra Satrut were born to Tao Tosarot and Nang Samutr Cha. Pra Prot was born to Tao Tosarot and Nang Gaiyagaesi. Each of the four Brothers are different aspects of Vishnu in a split Incarnation which Thai people call 'Beng Paak'.

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