Poso Regency

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Poso Regency
Kabupaten Poso
The official seal of Poso Regency
Motto(s): Sintuwu Maroso
Location within Central Sulawesi
Location within Central Sulawesi
Poso Regency is located in Sulawesi
Poso Regency
Poso Regency
Location in Sulawesi and Indonesia
Poso Regency is located in Indonesia
Poso Regency
Poso Regency
Poso Regency (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 1°22′59″S 120°44′55″E / 1.38306°S 120.74861°E / -1.38306; 120.74861
Country Indonesia
Province Central Sulawesi
Capital Poso
 • Regent Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu
 • Vice Regent Syamsuri
Population (2010)
 • Total 209,228
Time zone UTC+8 (ICST)
Area code (+62) 452
Website posokab.go.id

Poso Regency is a regency of Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. The principal town lies at Poso.


In 1999, Morowali Regency and Tojo Una-Una Regency were created out of eastern portions of Poso Regency. In 2007 there were calls to divide the remaining Poso Regency into two regencies in order to overcome religious-based conflicts; one regency would by named Tentena Regency (comprising the first eleven kecamatan listed below, while the remaining Poso Regency would consist of the last seven kecamatan listed below[1]


The Poso Regency was divided at 2010 into eighteen districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and their 2010 Census populations.[2]

Name Area in
Census 2010
Pamona Selatan
(South Pamona)
455.20 18,372
Pamona Tenggara
(Southeast Pamona)
223.77 6,487
Pamona Timur
(East Pamona)
536.35 9,531
Pamona Utara
(North Pamona)
770.97 30,191
Pamona Barat
(West Pamona)
160.41 9,344
Southeast Sector 2,146.70 73,925
Lore Selatan
(South Lore)
735.89 5,631
Lore Barat
(West Lore)
323.55 2,821
Lore Tengah
(Central Lore)
641.79 4,033
Lore Peore 512.80 2,944
Lore Timur
(East Lore)
109.77 4,877
Lore Utara
(North Lore)
455.84 11,902
Western Sector 2,779.64 32,208
Poso Pesisir Utara
(North Poso Pesisir)
545.62 15,681
Poso Pesisir 300.51 20,098
Poso Pesisir Selatan
(South Poso Pesisir)
595.02 8,842
Poso Kota
(Poso Town)
11.02 20,250
Poso Kota Utara
(North Poso Town)
19.76 11,058
Poso Kota Selatan
(South Poso Town)
24.48 8,992
Lage 486.59 18,174
Northeast Sector 1,930.00 103,095



Religions in Poso – 2016[3]
Religions Percentage
Roman Catholic

Poso District Religious Office noted that the majority of the population in Poso is Protestant, with the number of adherents as many as 122,389 inhabitants. This is followed by 95,417 Muslims, 9,739 Hindus, 1,425 Roman Catholics and 267 Buddhists, respectively. The number of places of worship in Poso, consisting of 270 mosques, 500 Protestant churches, 36 Catholic churches and 71 temples.[3]

Islam is the first religion which spread widely in Poso. Although the process is not known, Islam certainly been entered in Poso around the end of the 18th century. The migration of Mandar tribe of western Sulawesi region also proved influential in this process. This process culminated in the events in which Mandar people living in the area of Kadombuku (now Lage), forcing the local tribal people to convert to Islam and end up with a series of tribal wars between Mandar and Kadombuku.[4][5] Christianity began to spread in the late 19th century, when a Dutch missionary, Albert Christian Kruyt sent by a Christian mission agency of the Netherlands Missionary Society to begin missionary in Central Sulawesi. After working for seventeen years, their efforts paid off when hundreds of people from To Pebato baptized on Christmas Eve, December 25, 1909.[6] Central Sulawesi Christian Church (GKST) is a church organization that was established on October 18, 1947 in Tentena.[7] GKST serves Central, West and South Sulawesi. In 2006, 188 thousand people registered to become members, and there are 376 congregations served by 625 priests.[8]


Tambing Lake is located in Lore Lindu National Park, 3 hours drive from Palu and 100 meters away from Palu-Napu Road. In 2014, there are 3,000 foreign tourists visited Tambing Lake which is known as Endemic Bird Paradise with 30 percent of 270 kinds of birds are endemic.[9]


Oryzias sarasinorum, endemic fish that only exist in Lake Poso and Lake Lindu

Sulawesi black Ebony, also known as diospyros celebica, naturally can be found in Central Sulawesi (Parigi, Poso, Donggala), South Sulawesi (Maros), West Sulawesi (Mamuju) and Maluku. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has issued their red list in 2000 and D. celebica belong to the category of vulnerable species, which means that ebony is at the limit of high risk for extinction in the wild (vulnerable to exploitation).[10]

Most of the endemic fauna in Poso is located in the area of cultural and natural heritage, such as Lake Poso and Lore Lindu National Park. Whitten (1987), Maurice Kottelat, and L.R. Parenti states that there are several species of endemic biota that is only found in Lake Poso, such as Xenopoecilus poptae (Adrianichthys poptae); Adrianichthys kruyti, Weberogobius amadi and Nomorhamphus celebensis. Other endemic fish is Anguilla celebensis, Xenopoecilus sarasinorum, Xenopoecilus oophorus (adrianichthys oophorus), Adrianichthys roseni; gastropods such as Miratesta celebensis; and some small shrimp (Caridina sp).


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Coordinates: 1°22′59″S 120°44′55″E / 1.38306°S 120.74861°E / -1.38306; 120.74861

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