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The ports of the Ottoman Empire can be listed by using the Ottoman Empire official annuals, known as salname, after 1847. The list below is about the ports of the empire in 1870. According to the report there were 70 ports (including piers). Among these 3 of them were in Adriatic Sea, 2 in Ionian Sea, 6 in Aegean Sea, 9 in Sea of Marmara, 32 in Mediterranean Sea, 11 in Black Sea, 5 in Red Sea, and 2 in Persian Gulf. (However, in this list Aegean island ports as well as Anatolian ports facing the Aegean Sea were listed together with the Mediterranean ports)[1]

Ottoman name Modern name Present country Sea
Antivari Bar Montenegro Adriatic Sea
Durazzo Durrës Albania Adriatic Sea
Avlona Vlorë Albania Adriatic Sea
Parga Parga Greece Ionian Sea
Preveze Preveza Greece Ionian Sea
Makri Maroneia Greece Aegean Sea
Aynoz Enez Turkey Aegean Sea
Lagoz Lagos (?) Grece Aegean Sea
Kavala Kavala Greece Aegean Sea
Selanik Thessaloniki Greece Aegean Sea .
Volo Volos Greece Aegean sea
İstanbul İstanbul Turkey Sea of Marmara
Silivri Silivri Turkey Sea of Marmara
Ereğli Marmara Ereğlisi Turkey Sea of Marmara
Tekfurdağı Tekirdağ Turkey Sea of Marmara
Gelibolu Gelibolu Turkey Sea of Marmara
Bandırma Bandırma Turkey Sea of Marmara
Gemlik Gemlik Turkey Sea of Marmara
Mudanya Mudanya Turkey Sea of Marmara
İzmit İzmit Turkey Sea of Marmara .
Trablusgarp Tripoli Libya Mediterranean Sea
Kandiye Heraklion Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Hanya Chania Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Retimo Rethymno Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Islandiya Dia (?) Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Suda Souda Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Larnaka Larnaca Cyprus Mediterranean Sea
Limizo Limassol (?) Cyprus Mediterranean Sea
Rodos Rhodes Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Simi Symi Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Siray Syros (?) Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Harki Chalki Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
İstampali Astypalaia Greece Mediterranean Sea[2]
Tilos Tilos Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Vati Vathy Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Tigani Pythagorio Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Midilli Mytilene Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
Sakız Chios Greece Mediterranean Sea [2]
İzmir İzmir Turkey Mediterranean Sea [2]
Kuşadası Kuşadası Turkey Mediterranean Sea [2]
Makri Fethiye Turkey Mediterranean Sea
Atalia Antalya Turkey Mediterranean Sea
Mersin Mersin Turkey Mediterranean Sea
İskenderun İskenderun Turkey Mediterranean Sea
Lazkiye Latakia Syria Mediterranean Sea
Trablus Tripoli Lebanon Mediterranean Sea
Beyrut Beirut Lebanon Mediterranean Sea
Sayda Sidon Lebanon Mediterranean Sea
Sur Tyre Lebanon Mediterranean Sea
Akka Akka Israel Mediterranean Sea .
Keyfa Haifa Israel Mediterranean Sea
Yafa Jaffa Israel Mediterranean Sea
Boğazı'ı Balçık Balchik Bulgaria Black Sea
Varna Varna Bulgaria Black Sea
Köstence Constanța Romania Black Sea
Ereğli Karadeniz Ereğli Turkey Black Sea
İnebolu İnebolu Turkey Black Sea
Bolu ? [3] Turkey Black Sea
Sinop Sinop Turkey Black Sea
Samsun Samsun Turkey Black Sea .
Giresun Giresun Turkey Black Sea
Trabzon Trabzon Turkey Black Sea
Batum Batumi Georgia Black Sea
Yanbu Yanbu Saudi Arabia Red Sea
Cidde Jeddah Saudi Arabia Red Sea
Lihye Al Luḩayyah Yemen Red Sea
Hudeyde Al Hudaydah Yemen Red Sea
Muha Mocha Yemen Red Sea
Uceyl ? [4] Saudi Arabia Persian Gulf
Basra Basra Iraq Persian Gulf


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  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q Some ports are actually in Aegean sea. But here the convention of the original text is used
  3. ^ Since present Bolu is an inland city this port seems to be the former name of one of the small ports of the western Black Sea region of Turkey.
  4. ^ Acil or Uceyl is supposed to be in Bahrain. But in the 19th century the region Bahrain included what is now Al-Ahsa Governorate governate of Saudi Arabia.
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