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Sun of May of Uruguay
Location of Uruguay

Uruguay, officially the Eastern Republic of Uruguay or the Republic East of the Uruguay (River), is a country located in southern South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north, the Uruguay River to the west, the estuary of the Río de la Plata (literally "River of Silver", but commonly known in English as "River Plate") to the southwest, with Argentina on the other bank of both, and finally the South Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. About half of its people live in the capital and largest city, Montevideo. The nation is the second smallest independent country in South America, larger only than Suriname (it is also larger than French Guiana, which is not independent), and is the most politically and economically stable.

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Ospidale Italiano de Montevideo
Credit: (Flicker user) Chv1955
The Italian Hospital of Montevideo, whose official name is Ospedale Italiano Umberto I, (Spanish: Hospital Italiano de Montevideo) is a clinic and sanatorium founded in 1890 near Parque Batlle, Montevideo. It lies just to the north of the 1830 obelisk and the Hospital Pereira Rossell. The building, of the late neoclassical style, is the work of architect Luis Andreoni.

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Carlos Páez Vilaró's "Casapueblo." Punta Ballena, Maldonado, Uruguay.
Credit: Talkingheads

Carlos Páez Vilaró's "Casapueblo." Punta Ballena, Maldonado, Uruguay.

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Carlos Páez Vilaró

Carlos Páez Vilaró (1 November 1923 – 24 February 2014) was a renowned Uruguayan abstract artist, painter, potter, sculptor, muralist, writer, composer and constructor. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1923, he took up drawing in 1939 and relocated to Buenos Aires, where he worked as a printing apprentice in the industrial Barracas section of the Argentine capital. Returning to Montevideo in the late 1940s, he developed an interest in Afro-Uruguayan culture. ...


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The Uruguay storm of April 2016 was a strong tornado that swept across southwestern Uruguay on April 15, 2016, striking the city of Dolores, destroying buildings and machinery. Four people were reported dead and left more than 200 injured. Uruguay declared a state of emergency afterwards and was later rated an F2 tornado.

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  • ...that rugby union in Uruguay is a major sport, and that they have qualified for the Rugby World Cup?
  • ...that Uruguay is a major importer/exporter of Software in South America?
  • ...that Uruguay is the most politically and economically stable country in Latin America?
  • ...that the Human Resources consulting has declared Montevideo one of the cities with the highest quality of life?
  • ...that Colonia del Sacramento is designated as a World Heritage Site?
  • ...that Uruguay was ranked an all-time high 3rd in the FIFA rankings after finishing 4th in the 2010 world cup while Diego Forlan claimed golden ball for the best player in the tournament. They repeated their success by winning the Copa America the following year in 2011, beating hosts Argentina in the quarter-finals and then going on to win the finals against Paraguay.
  • ...that Uruguay hosted the first ever FIFA World Cup in 1930, which they won after beating Argentina in the finals 4-2.

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