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Graduation at the University of Oxford.

A university is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university is an organisation that provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars."

The original Latin word "universitas" refers in general to "a number of persons associated into one body, a society, company, community, guild, corporation, etc." At the time of emergence of urban town life and medieval guilds, specialised "associations of students and teachers with collective legal rights usually guaranteed by charters issued by princes, prelates, or the towns in which they were located" came to be denominated by this general term. Like other guilds, they were self-regulating and determined the qualifications of their members. The original Latin word referred to degree-granting institutions of learning in Western Europe, where this form of legal organisation was prevalent, and from where the institution spread around the world. For non-related educational institutions of antiquity which did not stand in the tradition of the university and to which the term is only loosely and retrospectively applied, see ancient higher-learning institutions.

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Hepner Hall, an icon for the university, completed in 1931 and later adopted as the university's logo.
San Diego State University is a public research university located in San Diego, California, United States. Founded as San Diego State Normal School in 1897, the university today is colloquially known as SDSU and the mascot is the Aztec Warrior, or the Aztec for short. In 1923, the school changed its name to "San Diego State Teachers College" and was controlled by the Board of Education, up until 1974 when the formal name San Diego State University was adopted. Today it is the primary educator of the San Diego, with 60% of graduates remaining in the region.

SDSU is organized into eight undergraduate and several graduate and professional schools. The university's research expenditures top nearly $200 million annually. SDSU is the only research university in the 23-member CSU system, and its research organization is the largest auxiliary program in the CSU. Furthermore, the university just surpassed $400 million in its comprehensive fundraising campaign efforts - the most money raised in the schools history, and the most at any CSU campus. In its 2013 edition, U.S. News & World Report ranked the university's undergraduate business program 86th among national universities, while ranking the graduate program 87th among national universities. SDSU is a top producer of Fulbright Scholars, with more than 40 receiving scholarships since 2005. QS World University Rankings ranks SDSU's business program 80th best in North America. The university has adopted the mission to "provide well-balanced, high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to knowledge and the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service."

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Keble College Chapel
Credit: User:Diliff

Keble College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. Its main buildings are on Parks Road, opposite the University Museum and the University Parks. The college is bordered to the north by Keble Road, to the south by Museum Road, and to the west by Blackhall Road.

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If you are a college student or graduate, you may place a college user template on your user page. Please see academic institutions by location for a list of user templates. If your college is not listed, please contact an editor for a new user template.

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Karjon hall.JPG

This is a list of universities in Bangladesh. Universities in Bangladesh are mainly categorized into three different types — Public (government owned and subsidized), Private (private sector owned universities), and International (operated and funded by international organizations such as the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation).

University of Dhaka, established in 1921, is the oldest university of the country. Bangladeshi universities are affiliated with the University Grants Commission (UGC), a commission created according to the Presidential Order (P.O. No 10 of 1973) of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

The list is classified by the three types universities further segmented according to their locations. The locations are given according to divisions, the topmost administrative unit in Bangladesh. It is notable that, out of the 6 divisions Dhaka Division houses 58 out of a total of 87, of them 52 in Dhaka, the capital city. Most universities focus on general studies, meaning a diverse mix of curriculum, business studies, engineering or technology. Seven universities have specialized curricula focused on Islamic studies (2), agricultural sciences (2), medical sciences (1), Veterinary (1) and women's studies (1). Along with the universities their short names, mostly acronyms, are provided as nicks. Read more...

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  • 2010 September 25 - Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad engaged Columbia University president Lee Bollinger on a number of topics, including his country's human rights record, opinions on Israel and the Holocaust and the role of nuclear weapons and terrorism on the global stage. The Iranian president's speech was marked by protests, but also drew applause from students.


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