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AVM Studio is one of the oldest studio in India

Tamil cinema is a part of Indian cinema, producing films in the Tamil language. Based in the Kodambakkam district of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the industry is colloquially referred to as Kollywood, a portmanteau of "Kodambakkam" and "Hollywood". A limited number of Tamil films have been also produced in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada.

The first silent film produced in Tamil Nadu, Keechaka Vadham, was made by R. Nataraja Mudaliar in 1918. The first sound film, Kalidas, was released on 31 October 1931, barely seven months after India's first sound film Alam Ara. By the end of the 1930s, the legislature of the State of Madras passed the Entertainment Tax Act of 1939. Tamil cinema later had a profound effect on other filmmaking industries of India, establishing Chennai as a secondary hub for Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi cinema. In its modern era, Tamil films from Chennai have been distributed to various overseas theatres in Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia, Japan, Oceania, the Middle East, Western Europe, and North America.

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