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South Carolina is one of the 50 states in the United States, and is located in the Southeast on the East Coast. It was one of the original thirteen colonies and was the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1788. South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union in 1860 and form the Confederate States of America. The capital is Columbia. It is composed of four geographic areas. The lower part of the state is the Coastal Plain, also known as the Lowcountry. The Sandhills region is just west of the coastal plain. The rolling hills of the Piedmont make up the third region. And the fourth is the Upstate region which contains the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Hilton Head Island or Hilton Head is a town (located on an island of the same name) in Beaufort County, South Carolina. It is 20 miles (32 km) north of Savannah, Georgia, and 95 miles (153 km) south of Charleston, South Carolina. The 12 miles (19 km) of Atlantic Ocean beachfront are among the most popular vacation destinations on the east coast. An estimated 2.25 million visitors pumped more than $1.5 billion into the local economy in 2004, .[1] A year-round population was 33,862 can swell to over 275,000 during the peak of summer vacation season.[2]

The island has a rich history that started with seasonal occupation by native Americans thousands of years ago, and continued with European exploration and the Sea Island Cotton trade. It became an important base of operations for the Union blockade of the Southern ports during the Civil War. Once the island fell to Union troops, hundreds of ex-slaves flocked to Hilton Head, which is still home to many 'native islanders', many of whom are descendants of freed slaves known as the Gullah (or Geechee) who have managed to hold on to much of their ethnic and cultural identity.

The Town of Hilton Head Island incorporated as a municipality in 1983 and is well known for its "eco-friendly" development. The Town's Natural Resources Division enforces the Land Management Ordinance which minimizes the impact of development and governs the style of buildings and how they are situated amongst existing trees.[3] As a result, Hilton Head Island enjoys an unusual amount of tree cover relative to the amount of development.[4]

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State Facts

State symbols:

State Capital: Columbia
State Mottos: Dum spiro spero
(While I breathe, I hope)
and Animis opibusque parati
(Prepared in Mind and Resources)
State Songs: "Carolina" and
"South Carolina On My Mind"
State Tree: Sabal palmetto
State Flower: Yellow Jessamine
State Bird: Carolina wren
State Duck: Wood duck
State Wild Game Bird: Wild turkey
State Dog: Boykin Spaniel
State Animal: White-tailed deer
State Heritage Animal: Carolina Marsh Tacky
State Heritage Work Animal: Mule
State Reptile: Loggerhead sea turtle
State Amphibian: Spotted salamander
State Marine Mammal: Bottlenose dolphin
State Migratory Marine Mammal: Northern right whale
State Fish: Striped bass
State Insect: Carolina mantid
State Butterfly: Eastern tiger swallowtail
State Fruit: Peach[5]
State Beverage: Milk[6]
State Hospitality
State Gemstone: Amethyst
State Stone: Blue Granite
State Popular Music: Beach music
State Dance: Shag
State Snack: Boiled peanuts[8]
State Craft: Sweetgrass basket weaving
State Quarter 2000 SC Proof.png

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The Sombrero Tower at South of the Border, South Carolina.
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Francis Marion (February 26, 1732–February 27, 1795) was a lieutenant colonel in the Continental Army and later brigadier general in the South Carolina Militia during the American Revolutionary War. He became known as the "Swamp Fox" for his ability to use decoys and ambushes to disrupt enemy communications, capture supplies, and free prisoners. His use of guerrilla tactics helped set in motion the decline of open battles in the conflict, but early records indicate that he was a sailor before the Revolutionary War.

Marion is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare, and is credited in the lineage of the United States Army Rangers.

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Myrtle Beach
Hilton Head Beach
Folly Beach
Sullivan's Island
Isle of Palms

State parks

Piedmont area.

Table Rock State Park
Kings Mountain State Park
Jones Gap State Park
Andrew Jackson State Park
Oconee State Park

Sandhills area.

Cheraw State Park
Lee State Natural Area
Sesquicentennial State Park
Lake Wateree State Recreation Area

Coastal Plains area.

Car camping at Hunting Island State Park
Edisto Beach State Park
Hunting Island State Park
Fort Frederick Heritage Preserve

Amusement Parks

Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Professional Sports


Charleston RiverDogs
Charlotte Knights
Greenville Drive
Myrtle Beach Pelicans


Carolina Panthers


Greenville Swamp Rabbits
South Carolina Stingrays


Charleston Battery

Other Attractions

South Carolina Aquarium
Riverbanks Zoo
Kiawah Island Golf Resort
South Carolina State Museum
Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade
Charles Towne Landing

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