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The Seljuk Empire was a medieval Turko-Persian empire, originating from the Qynyq branch of Oghuz Turks. The Seljuq Empire controlled a vast area stretching from the Hindu Kush to eastern Anatolia and from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf. From their homelands near the Aral sea, the Seljuqs advanced first into Khorasan and then into mainland Persia before eventually conquering eastern Anatolia.

The Seljuq empire was founded by Tughril Beg in 1037 after the efforts by the founder of the Seljuq dynasty, Seljuk Bey, in the first quarter of the 11th century. Seljuk Bey's father was in a higher position in the Oghuz Yabgu State, and he gave his name to both the state and the dynasty. The Seljuqs united the fractured political scene of the eastern Islamic world and played a key role in the first and second crusades. Highly Persianized in culture and language, the Seljuqs also played an important role in the development of the Turko-Persian tradition, even exporting Persian culture to Anatolia. The settlement of Turkic tribes in the northwestern peripheral parts of the empire, for the strategic military purpose of fending off invasions from neighboring states, led to the progressive Turkicization of those areas. Read more...

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Çifte Minareli Medrese is an architectural monument of the late Seljuk period in the Turkish city of Erzurum. Built as a theological school a few years before 1265, it takes its name, Twin Minaret Madrasa, from the two fluted minarets that crown the monumental façade.

The Çifte Minareli Medrese is thought to be the model for the Gök Medrese in Sivas. According to the inscription on the portal, it was built in 1271 by Khudavand Khatun, the daughter of Seljuq Sultan Kayqubad I. XIII. on the half-century after the Seljuk period's cultural life and development activities and is seen as an important circuit. In this century Buruciye Madrasa, Madrasa and Double Minaret Madrasah heavens like stone, brick and tile art of Anatolia, they constitute the most important works.

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