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An attacking player attempts to evade two defenders

Rugby league football is a full-contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field. One of the two codes of rugby, it originated in Northern England in 1895 as a split from the Rugby Football Union over the issue of payments to players. Its rules progressively changed with the aim of producing a faster, more entertaining game for spectators.

In rugby league, points are scored by carrying the ball and touching it to the ground beyond the opposing team's goal line; this is called a try, and is the primary method of scoring. The opposing team attempts to stop the attacking side scoring points by tackling the player carrying the ball. In addition to tries, points can be scored by kicking goals. After each try, the scoring team gains a free kick to try at goal with a conversion for further points. Kicks at goal may also be awarded for penalties, and field goals can be attempted at any time.

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The Adelaide Rams were an Australian professional rugby league football club based in Adelaide, South Australia. The team was formed in 1995 for the planned rebel Super League competition, which eventually ran parallel to the rival Australian Rugby League (ARL) competition in 1997. The Rams lasted two seasons, the first in the Super League competition in 1997 and the second in the first season of the National Rugby League (NRL) in 1998. The Rams were not a successful club, winning only 13 out of 42 games. However crowd numbers in the first season were the fifth highest of any first-grade club that year, but dwindled to sixteenth in the second season. The Adelaide club was shut down at the end of the 1998 season as a result of poor on-field performances, dwindling crowd numbers, financial losses and a reduction in the number of teams in the NRL. They remain the only team from the state of South Australia to have participated in top-level rugby league in Australia.

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Albert Baskerville
Credit: Unknown

Albert Baskerville played a large role in establishing rugby league in both Australia and New Zealand and the birth of international rugby league. He organised the 1907–1908 New Zealand rugby tour of Australia and Great Britain, gathering a group of New Zealand rugby footballers to play matches in Australia, Ceylon, England and Wales between 1907 and 1908. Most of the matches were played under the rules of the Northern Union, what is today known as rugby league. Baskerville died from pneumonia near the end of the tour, aged 25.

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Did you know that the most tries ever scored in a match by an individual is 11. This occurred on 4 March 1905 by George West (Hull Kingston Rovers) v Brookland Rovers.

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So, in the closing of one season in triumph and some glory, and in the anticipation of the beginning of another, rugby league's cycle of the year continued. It had been 100 years since the game's pioneers had met on an autumn afternoon in England's north to write the first words of the story. Down the years there had been countless afternoons of courage and wondrous athleticism in the glorious uncertainty of the contest, men against men in the game that had been called the hardest of them all. In 1995 came a new challenge, a split that tore friend from friend, club from club; the game drew deeply then on the reserves of resilience that had always been its lifeblood and steeled itself to press on. As ever, the future lay with the youth, in the ancient and enduring image of young men pulling on the colours of their clubs and heading in spirit of mateship out onto the rough paddocks, in fair weather or foul, to play the winter game. The hand of the past reached out year by year to the hand of the future, passing on the tradition, the spirit, the very essence of the game they play. A game of hard knocks and fair play, of living with hurt and learning to win and learning to lose, of the joy of shared experience on the field of battle. Over 100 years the game has changed mightily but those things never, and that is rugby league.
The rugby cycle by Ian Heads, That's Rugby League
VEG, 1995
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History of St Helens RLFC, St Helens RLFC was a founder member of the Northern Rugby Football Union in the Great Schism of 1895. They played in the first ever Challenge Cup Final in 1897 and have since been winners of the competition on 12 occasions...

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