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Jalan Ampang at night, with the Petronas Twin Towers visible in the background in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Roads, defined as a path connecting two points, are generally classified into a hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy are freeways (US) (UK: motorways), which serve entirely a function of moving vehicles between other roads. Freeways are grade-separated and limited access, have high speeds and carry heavy flows. Below freeways are arterials. These may not be grade-separated, and while access is still generally limited, it is not limited to the same extent as freeways, particularly on older roads. These serve both a movement and an access function. Next are collector/distributor roads. These serve more of an access function, allowing vehicles to access the network from origins and destinations, as well as connecting with smaller, local roads, that have only an access function, and are not intended for the movement of vehicles with neither a local origin nor destination. Local roads are designed to be low speed and carry relatively little traffic.

The design of roads is specified in a number of design manual, including the AASHTO Policy on the Geometric Design of Streets and Highways (or Green Book). Relevant concerns include the alignment of the road, its horizontal and vertical curvature, its super-elevation or banking around curves, its thickness and pavement material, its cross-slope, and its width. Fundamentals of Transportation/Geography and Networks

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Motorway A2 in Poland, Poznań. "Komorniki" junction
Motorway is a term for both a type of road and a classification or designation. Motorways are high capacity roads designed to carry fast motor traffic safely. In the United Kingdom they are predominantly dual-carriageway roads, with a minimum of two lanes in each direction (typically three, and up to six on the Western section of the M25), and all have grade-separated access, comparable with North American freeways as a road type, and interstates as a classification.

In English-speaking countries the term is used in the United Kingdom (a motorway is also called a traffordd (plural: traffyrdd) in Welsh), parts of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, some other Commonwealth nations, and Ireland (a motorway is also called a mótarbhealach (plural: mótarbhealaí) in Irish). In Ireland, a road built to motorway standard, but without the designation (and the regulations and traffic restrictions resulting from that designation), is known as a High-quality dual carriageway.

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  • December 28: Israel transport minister Katz plans to name a railway station after US president Donald Trump
  • December 26: Russia: Runaway bus kills at least four in entrance to Moscow Metro station
  • November 27: Singapore announces driverless buses on public roads from 2022
  • September 24: Uber London to lose operator licence after September
  • August 11: Australia: Victorian government to trial driverless vehicles on public roads
  • July 7: Volvo announces all new car models electric or hybrid from 2019

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MKAD, a beltway encircling the City of Moscow, interchange of Varshavskoye and Simferopolskoye freeways
Credit: Sergei Rubliov, ssr.pp.ru (Ssr)

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...that the last male-line descendant of Alexander III of Russia, Count George Brasov, died in a road accident whilst exiled in France at the age of 20?
... that in a toll dispute between residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras and the Cheras-Kajang Highway concessionaire, a barrier blocking a shunpike was repeatedly torn down and rebuilt?

...that Mooney Mooney Bridge (pictured) is the highest road bridge in the southern hemisphere?

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A 320° panorama of Lienz and Rüthi in the municipality of Altstätten in the Rhine Valley[disambiguation needed], overlooking Hoher Kasten in the Alps
Credit: (Böhringer friedrich)

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