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Selected pictures list

Selected picture 1

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/1

Kebab Amed 2010.JPG
Credit: MikaelF

A traditionally made Turkish Adana kebabı also cooked in Kurdish areas

Selected picture 2

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/2

Iraqi Kurdish National unity traditional 2007.jpg
Credit: Michael T. Luongo

Halparke, a traditional Kurdish dance

Selected picture 3

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/3

Hawler Castle.jpg
Credit: jan kurdistani

Erbil citadel, a World Heritage Site

Selected picture 4

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/4

Kurdish Smugglers Iraq.jpg
Credit: James Gordon

Iraqi Kurdish smugglers near the border of Iraq

Selected picture 5

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/5

Kurdish Textile Museum Hewler Citadel.jpg
Credit: Ara Qadir

The Kurdish Textile Museum within the Citadel of Erbil

Selected picture 6

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/6

Akhtamar Island on Lake Van with the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross.jpg
Credit: gozturk

Akdamar Island in Lake Van with the 10th century Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Selected picture 7

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/7

Agha of Senneh.jpg
Credit: Arian Zarrinkafsch

Traditional Kurdish clothing from 1860

Selected picture 8

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/8

View of Constantinople by Jean Pascal Sébah (1905).png
Credit: Pascal Sébah

A coffee shop in Diyarbakır, 1905

Selected picture 9

Portal:Kurdistan/Selected picture/9

Van-Ruins at site of old Van-2005.jpg
Credit: Wikimol

Ruins at the location of old city of Van

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